Uber launches Advanced Technologies Center to develop flying taxis


Uber launches Advanced Technologies Center to develop flying taxis

Uber has set its ambitious plan to soar the skies with its plan to build a new Advanced Technologies Center in Paris. Uber will be dedicating the Paris center, the first one outside North America, completely to its Uber Elevate project.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a statement, “With world-class engineers and a leading role in global aviation, France is the perfect place to advance our Uber Elevate program and new technology initiatives.” Maybe the skies will be filled with electric-powered flying taxis soon.

This ambitious project is costing the company $23.4 million and the project will last over five years to engineer all the backend technology. This includes everything from software, AI algorithms, air traffic control systems and just about anything required to support a full-scale aerial taxi service.

Uber will be partnering this project with École Polytechnique, the distinguished French engineering school in Paris. “We’re excited to partner with École Polytechnique to shape the future of urban mobility, on the ground and in the air,” added Khosrowshahi.

Reports suggest that the Paris Lab will start functioning this fall. It will be staffed with employees with experience in engineering, machine learning, and computer vision talent. According to the newly appointed head of Elevate, Eric Allison, the research will have a prime focus on capabilities across airspace management, autonomy, real-time communication networks, energy storage, and charging systems.

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