Upcoming releases of Chrome and Chrome OS halted


Upcoming releases of Chrome and Chrome OS halted

The tech giant, Google, has recently announced that it is putting the upcoming releases of Chrome and Chrome OS on hold. The decision came in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, keeping in view the convenience of people working from home.

The company believes that the pause on releases will keep things stable and help the essential software run as smoothly as possible. In its recent tweet, the Chrome development team acknowledged that “adjusted work schedules” have led the company to hit pause on “upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases.”

About the pause, Google said: “Our goal is to ensure they continue to be stable, secure, and reliable for anyone who depends on them.” It further added that it will “prioritize updates related to security” for the time being.

Last week, the company told all its North American employees to work from home until at least 10th April, in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. Moreover, with its team scattered and working remotely, the company doesn’t want to take any risk of rolling out the release in the present situation as there could be the presence of unforeseen bugs. And this would in turn disrupt the work of people working from home.

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