Frustrated how to organize your meal plan? We have a solution!


Frustrated how to organize your meal plan? We have a solution!

We can see that recipe websites and apps have been escalating these days, but despite that, people are finding it difficult to organize and search required recipes over the years.

Recipe sites are filled with advertisements and repetitious personal stories, and many applications sideline the fact that consumers shop for groceries online, not make a list to take to the store.

Whisk, acquired by Samsung NEXT, has rolled out a meal plan and recipe finding service that aids you organize your recipes timely while also shopping your grocery items from a range of grocery delivery providers, including Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Instacart and others.

Whisk after being acquired by Samsung NEXT has tripled its revenue and now it’s coming up with a new cross-platform experience which includes mobile apps, a website and a voice assistant in order to organize meal plan, create and share lists and ultimately shop.

Nick Holzherr, head of Product, Whisk at Samsung NEXT quotes, “Over half of the U.S. population still makes shopping lists using pen and paper, yet most people are looking for food inspiration digitally.”

Additionally he says, “Hours are spent looking for food content online — seeking new and healthier meals. However, the data shows people generally end up cooking the same 7-9 dishes on repeat. There’s a fundamental disconnect between the online and offline that Whisk can help connect.”

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