YouTube experiments and beta features now limited to Premium subscribers


YouTube experiments and beta features now limited to Premium subscribers

YouTube has been one of the most popular video streaming services that offer free content, although ad-supported. Like Google’s other products, it brings in a lot of experimental features from time to time. This is required to keep the app relevant for a longer period of time.

However, YouTube has announced that it will allow only premium members to sign up for its experimental and beta features. The premium subscribers enjoy ad-free YouTube experience, along with other features like audio mode while the screen is turned off, watching YouTube videos directly on the home screen in iOS, YouTube Original Shows, and ad-free YouTube music. However, YouTube recently announced that YouTube Originals would be available to every user, with an ad-supported revenue model.

YouTube has earlier allowed users to try out new development features through a dedicated side called “TestTube.” Later, YouTube changed the testing URL to its own website (YouTube.com/new). The same URL was used when YouTube introduced its biggest redesign in 2017. It allowed users to get the new preview before it was publically available.

With this, YouTube is fulfilling two goals at the same time. It allows product teams to receive feedback on different features, and it also lures Premium subscribers be early testers, if they want to. This way, more users get attracted to buy a premium membership. Premium users who wish to participate can opt into and out of the new features individually, but can only try one experiment at a time. However, non-Premium users can also opt to sign up to be notified of additional opportunities to participate in other YouTube research studies, if they choose to.

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