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How to Start an Online Casino


How to Start an Online Casino

Startups are created all of the time, with entrepreneurs looking for the next big niche to make their fortune.
Sometimes, those startups are exciting new ventures, the likes of Airbnb, which redefine the sector in which they emerge. Not everyone can be original and exciting in their thinking though, and many startups follow a similar path to those already trodden. After all, much of today’s social media started with MySpace and Friends Reunited, with sites such as Facebook and Twitter still adopting communication as their core ethos but evolving their offering.
One industry that is booming and certainly worth keeping an eye on is the online gaming industry. The Tribune Democrat reports that despite casinos closing due to the pandemic, the gaming industry is still going from strength to strength, fueled by online providers. “There is no question that the boom in online gaming is a direct result of pandemic-related restrictions on retail casinos, but there is strong evidence to suggest that the growth has real lasting power,” said industry analyst Valerie Cross.
When you hear words like ‘lasting power’ and ‘growth’, it is time to take note as an entrepreneur and perhaps consider an online casino as your next startup. It seems the iGaming sector is only set to continue to expand, and getting on board now could reap huge rewards further down the line.
That’s all well and good in theory, but what do you need to do to start an online casino? Our handy guide will give you the lowdown.
Choose Software and Content
Choosing the right software provider and content is the first place to start. The online gaming industry might be booming, but it is also fast-moving and innovative and even established providers have to update their content. Popular online providers have to ensure a good rotation of slots and games and evolve their technology. In an overview of new slot games for 2021 by Gala Spins, they explain how they ensure that every member’s playing experience is always fresh and exciting, and that is what you are aiming for. When selecting a provider, ensure they have the sort of content you need, and be sure to check out their after service, too. Ensure they have the correct certifications, and offer good technical support. As a casino, you will also need diverse games, from online slots to table games, so make sure your provider can deliver everything you need.
Get a Gaming License
This is super important; you can’t just set up as an online casino without a gaming license. Laws change from country to country, so this could be a process fraught with complications. The most popular locations for an online casino are the United Kingdom, Malta, Alderney, Isle of Man, Curacao, and Gibraltar. Be aware of countries that self-govern their casino industry and those that prohibit it completely.
Payment Methods
Another key aspect of starting up your online casino is the method of payment you use with your customers. Remember, you will be sending and receiving international payments, and in a busy industry, you will need to ensure you offer verified payment methods. Of course, you may want to offer cryptocurrency as a payment method, either as your USP or a secondary facility. It is growing in popularity in the online casino industry and is certainly worth investigating for your startup.
Create a Website
All businesses use tech to improve their offering, and your online casino is no different. As we explain in our article ‘How Small Businesses Can Use Tech to Drive Themselves Forward’, you shouldn’t get too carried away when designing your website, and it is important to work with others, too. Finding the right balance between accessibility, aesthetic appeal, and innovative technology could be tricky. Whilst there are more important legal aspects to setting up your online casino, the website is the interface between you and the customer, and it needs to be eye-catching, easy to use and set apart from your competitors.
Finally, you need to promote your site. This is to be done two-fold, starting with an effective marketing strategy. All online casinos have a brand that they push, and you will need to do the same. Think about your USP and the message you wish to convey and build a strategy around that. Remember, it is a busy market, and you will have to work very hard to get people to your site. Secondly, have an affiliate system to build website engagement. That SEO ranking will be so important, so understand how to play Google and other search engines to get yourself out on top.

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