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No more microSD cards for Huawei phones


No more microSD cards for Huawei phones

It’s been a landslide for Huawei after the US banned it. The latest damage comes from SD Association that’s barring from conducting business with the company. The SD Association is the trade group that decides on various factors of microSD and SD cards. Not conducting business with Huawei means the Chinese company can no longer put official SD or microSD cards in Huawei’s future laptops or phones.

Acting upon the executive order issued by the Trump administration, the SD Association has confirmed the removal of Huawei. While it all started off with Google, other tech giants have followed suit including Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and ARM.

That’s not all. The Wi-Fi Alliance too has “temporarily restricted” Huawei its membership. With all this, Huawei seemed to have had enough. That’s why it voluntarily left JEDEC, a group that decides on RAM specifications.

Losing its alliance with SD Association isn’t the bad part. If you have a Huawei phone or laptop right now, the new ban won’t affect you. It’s only the future Huawei phones and other devices that won’t be able to use the storage cards from the SD Association. Huawei already has its own storage device ready and handy with its Nano Memory cards. Hopefully, the company has a backup Android and Windows also ready soon.

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