KT launched an artificial intelligence solution for telecom failures


KT launched an artificial intelligence solution for telecom failures

KT, a South Korean Telco established in the year 1981, has created an artificial intelligence (AI) solution which can report telecommunication down falls.

Dr Lauren is the name of this AI solution. This will generate and analyse data provided by the network to detect flaws which causes telecommunication to subside. Dr Lauren will be used by KT for its 5G network in the following year. It is speculated that KT will launch a 5G commercial network for its consumers next year and the company trial begins next month.

Lee Sun-woo, head of KT Convergence Technology Research Institute said, “KT will continue to develop next-generation intelligent management technologies that can lead 5G and 4th industrial revolution."

Dr Lauren was released after learning the control skills of KT experts. In any case, if there will be network failure then it is easy to identify the root cause and rectify the problem.   

In 2017, KT rolled out an AI platform called Neuroflow which is followed by Dr Lauren. Dr Lauren is the first AI platform in telecommunication sector.

Earlier this year, the firm released an AI assistant service for hotels. In order to elevate network performance, Samsung is all set to bring out an AI chip to provide network intelligence for data centers.

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