Microsoft Collaboration with the Telecom Industry to Roll out 5G


Microsoft Collaboration with the Telecom Industry to Roll out 5G

Microsoft has announced collaboration with the telecommunications industry to push 5G. Through its partnership with the telecom industry, the company also aims to bring cloud and edge to more people. The collaboration aims to “future-proof their networks” and drive down telecom costs.

Telecom operators can harness the power of Microsoft Azure on their cloud and edge for a model with a better scale and reduce the incurred costs. The cutting-edge Microsoft infrastructure will allow operators to innovate and experiment with new 5G services on their programmable network. Microsoft has promised to support operators as they move forward and evolve their infrastructure and operations.

“We are bringing to market a carrier-grade platform for edge and cloud to support the operator’s goals to future proof their infrastructure with disaggregated, and containerized network architectures. Recognizing that not everything will move to the public cloud, we will meet operators where they are—whether at the enterprise edge, the network edge, or in the cloud,” wrote Jason Zander, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft Azure on the Microsoft blog.

Microsoft’s developer ecosystem will also help the operators by providing the necessary support through deep business to business partnership programs.

The move will help Microsoft interconnect deeply with operators all over the globe by leveraging its network that has over 170 points of presence and over 20,000 peering connections.

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