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Telenor's pick is Ericsson for 5G


Telenor's pick is Ericsson for 5G

The Norwegian telecom giant Telenor has made its pick for 5G. And it’s surprisingly not Huawei. Telenor has picked Ericsson as its 5G vendor.

Telenor Group’s CEO Sigve Brekke said that various requirements were taken into consideration including technical quality, ability to innovate and modernize the network, commercial terms, and conditions. After a holistic evaluation, Telenor went with Ericsson as the partner for its 5G ambitions.

“We are happy to announce that we have chosen Ericsson to start building the future 5G radio network in Norway, and I am confident we now are perfectly positioned to be in the forefront of the country’s network modernization,” says Petter-Børre Furberg, CEO of Telenor Norway.

Telenor has had a decade long partnership with Huawei for its 4G connection, so, it was expected that Huawei would be the natural fit. But the company chose Swedish Ericsson.

But the modernization process is expected to take four to five years. In the meantime, Telenor will be using the existing RAN vendor Huawei to maintain its 4G network. The company recently launched the Scandinavian region’s largest 5G pilot at Elverum and is now looking forward to building 5G in the city of Trondheim.




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