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The Essential Phones are here at Sprint


The Essential Phones are here at Sprint

Andy Rubin, the creator of the Essential Phones had made it clear that the phones would be Sprint exclusive even before its release. Beginning from September 14, Sprint has announced that the Essential Phones will be available for purchase in all of its retail stores, online and also by phone.

Early last month, the pre-orders for the Essential PH-1 began at Sprint stores. Once Sprint was made the exclusive carrier, it became the only choice for those opting for contract deals instead of paying full price for an unlocked device. In case you didn’t buy early, here’s your chance now to walk into any Sprint store and grab your Essential.

So far, the specifics and design of the Essential phone has been impressive. However, there hasn’t exactly been a launch of the product. The company has been simply shipping out orders to customers who ordered and purchased it at the Essential’s website without a formal launch at any retail.

Now, apart from Sprint stores, Amazon and Best Buy are planning to offer the device. But considering how the phone takes about 1 to 2 months to reach, it is a wonder how Amazon or Best Buy will manage to deliver. But with Sprint bringing in the phones to its stores, hopefully, things will start rolling out easily.  

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