You need to pay a price for Verizon 4K videos


You need to pay a price for Verizon 4K videos

Fix the blurriness of your video streams coming from low pixels from Verizon, but for a price. The network carrier is giving subscribers a way to completely remove the video quality handcuffs if they pay $10 every month. Be it 1080p, 1440p or even 4K resolution videos can now be streamed on any device that is connected to Verizon.

A couple of months back, Verizon had brought out certain restrictive changes to all its unlimited data plans. It placed limits on the quality at which users could stream video. It even split the unlimited plan into two, where a cheaper option restricted video streaming to 480p resolution. The higher-priced option ‘Beyond Unlimited’ included 720p video on smartphones and 1080p on tablets.

With the new plan that Verizon has launched, users can get back to watching videos on their phones over 4G LTE. Also, beware that the extra $10 is applied per line. This means that anyone on the Family plan will have to shed those extra dollars per person and not as a family. With the extra dollars added in, the Verizon Beyond Unlimited plan now costs $95.

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