Alexa Google's new update to its travel portfolio is gripping
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Google's new update to its travel portfolio is gripping

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Google's new update to its travel portfolio is gripping

Google adds new software tools and features to its travel portfolio. Google search results on travel destinations will include some ‘extra’ information from now on – like suggestions on things to do there, day plans, travel articles and much more.

The most interesting tool of them all is the “landing page”. The landing page will tell you when to best book your flights ahead of holidays, based on the previous year’s price changes – assuming the pricing trend hasn’t changed much. The tool, however, is a bit limited and supports travel routes of only 25 city pairs, as of now. You’ll definitely save a few dollars if you decide to take any one of these supported routes.

Google Map's hotel search feature may also benefit from this new tool because the landing page will show you hotel deals as well. A new feature called “hotel location score” helps you find the best neighborhood in the location chosen. It will also provide information on landmarks, nearby bars, public commute facilities, and others based on the data from Google Maps.

Also next month, Google plans to launch Your Trips – a tool that will help you organize your travel plans. Your Trips will start collecting all your travel data including flight price tracking, hotel research, and everything else under the ‘trip’ category. The update is so gripping that even a regular search for a popular travel destination will want you to take a trip!

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