Southwest Airlines has ordered 100 of Boeing’s 737 Max Planes

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Southwest Airlines has ordered 100 of Boeing’s 737 Max Planes

Southwest Airlines has bought as many as 100 new 737 MAX-7 jets from Boeing. This is Boeing’s biggest order since the ban was imposed on its aircrafts last year.

“Southwest Airlines has been operating the Boeing 737 series for nearly 50 years, and the aircraft has made significant contributions to our unparalleled success. Today’s commitment to the 737 MAX solidifies our continued appreciation for the aircraft and confirms our plans to offer the Boeing 737 series of aircraft to our Employees and Customers for years to come,” said Gary Kelly, Southwest’s chairman and CEO. “We are proud to continue our tradition of being the world’s largest operator of an all-Boeing fleet.”

The Southwest Airlines-Boeing deal comes straight after a multi-year fleet evaluation by Southwest. The airline could induct as many as 600 new 737 MAX jets till 2031.

Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said: “We are deeply honoured by Southwest’s continuing trust in Boeing and the 737. Their fleet decision today brings more stability for our biggest commercial program and will ensure that our entire 737 family will be building new airplanes for Southwest for years to come.”

According to the agreement, Southwest will also expand its use of Boeing’s digital solutions to support its 737 MAX fleet, which includes Airplane Health Management, Maintenance Performance Toolbox and digital navigation charting tools.

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