Mythical Games wants wide consumer-adoption of blockchain technology through games

mythical games 16 million funding

Blockchain-based Mythical Games platform has accumulated $16 million in a Series-A funding round led by Venture Capitalists. Mythical Games is led by a group of gaming industry veterans – a founding team of ex-Activision, Blizzard, and Yahoo employees.

The funding will be used to develop a line of PC, mobile and console games on the EOSIO blockchain, which will also be open to developers to build games with “player-owned economies.” These platform and player-led economies, Mythical says, will bring players, content creators, and developers closer.

“We anticipate the games will appeal to wider audiences at a mainstream level, which is one of our core goals in bringing high-quality franchises and blockchain technology together,” said Mythical Games CEO John Linden. The CEO confirmed these player-owned economies could “be as simple as using blockchain technology to tokenize game objects.” Mythical is focused on “full 3D games with rich worlds,” he added.

The first round of funding, launched earlier this year, has been led by billionaire investor Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital’s EOS VC Fund. The $325 million-fund targeted on EOSIO blockchain developments has also drawn investments from members of (the company that developed EOS).

According to tweets from Mythical Games, the company’s first EOS blockchain-based game will be Blankos “Block Party” and will premier early in 2019. The game, however, will not support a native cryptocurrency; instead, it will use fiat currency.