The Boring Company comes to Las Vegas in a new deal

Adobe Premiere Rush arrives on Android

Huawei forced to open source after Google curbs Android license

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mobile lenovo first foldable pc

Say hello to the world’s first foldable PC

mobile htc cheaper blockchain phone

HTC is releasing a cheaper blockchain phone this year

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mobile    pixels phone camera

Samsung upgrades mobile cameras to 64 megapixels

mobile google pixel  a series

Google Pixel 3a-series specifics divulged

mobile mint mobile attractive offers

Mint Mobile comes up with exciting deals for short period

mobile samsung released the sero

Samsung’s vertical TV is a bigger version of your mobile phones

mobile ios app store bug fixed

An iOS bug which prevented app downloads was patched

mobile mongodb acquiring realm

MongoDB is acquiring Realm for $39 million

mobile samsung indefinitely postpones fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold release is postponed indefinitely

mobile samsung delays galaxy fold

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release in China

mobile galaxy s   security update

Samsung Galaxy S10 gets an important security update

mobile google confirms pixel  a

Pixel 3a coming soon; Google confirms

mobile motorola four camera phone leaked

New Motorola phone has four cameras?

mobile canon launches two instant cameras

Canon wants a slice of the ‘instant camera’ big business

mobile next iphone wireless charge devices

The next iPhone might charge other devices, wirelessly

mobile oculus rift s headset

Oculus unveils a less-dominant successor to its 2016 Rift headset

mobile eu fines google third time

Google is fined again by EU for violations in online-ads market

mobile hp reverb vr headset

Given the price, HP Reverb VR headset is a massive hit

mobile xiaomi black shark   launched

Xiaomi’s latest gaming smartphone Black Shark 2 launched

mobile qualcomm wireless vr headsets

Qualcomm’s new venture: Wireless VR headsets that connect to PCs

mobile qualcomm small win against apple

Apple to pay $31 million to Qualcomm for infringing patents

mobile huawei p   phones specs revealed

Huawei’s flagship phones P30 and P30 Pro are already a hit

mobile huawei has a backup os

Huawei has come out with its own OS

mobile google working on folding phone

Folding screen craze hits Google too

mobile google on device speech recognizer

Google introduces “faster voice typing” for Pixel phones

mobile samsung plans   foldable phones

Not one, but two more foldable phones from Samsung?

mobile second gen google glass leaked

New Google Glass – wearable with mid-tier smartphone capabilities

mobile samsung truly wireless galaxy buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds are the truly wireless earphones to beat

mobile samsung foldable tech google apple

Samsung may be offering its foldable tech to Apple and Google

mobile samsung s   screen protectors

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus come with screen protectors

mobile microsd express announced

microSD Express announced at the MWC 2019

mobile huawei announces foldable phone

Huawei announces its foldable 5G phone priced at $2,600

mobile verizon to lock new phones

Verizon wants to lock new phones to its network

mobile s   plus one tb storage

Samsung announces a phone with a massive 1TB storage

mobile android q back gestures

You may need to gesture to go back on Android Q

mobile apple new products

Expect lot of new gadgets from Apple this year

mobile tcl to build foldable phones

TCL ‘may’ become the biggest rival for Samsung in foldable space

mobile gm announces electric bikes

GM announced its e-bike brand name and presented two bikes

mobile face unlock in lg g  thinq

LG enters the league of 3D cams for face unlock

mobile samsung galaxy s   wifi  phone

Samsung might be the first to launch Wi-Fi 6 phones

mobile xbox live on android ios

Xbox Live expanding cross-platform support to Android, Switch and iOS

mobile mit researchers created electronic sheets

Forgot to charge your phone? MIT scientists have created something easy for you!

mobile bluetooth location services feature

Bluetooth’s new feature will enhance the performance of its location services

mobile lg g  thinq extra camera

Additional camera to replace the earpiece in LG G8 ThinQ?

mobile aws announces amazon worklink

AWS announces WorkLink, for easy access to a company’s internal content

mobile intel realsense t    camera

Intel’s RealSense camera helps machines and gadgets navigate using ‘3D localization’

mobile microsoft edge warns about fake news

Microsoft Edge mobile browser warns when it spots fake news

mobile redmi note   gets miui

Redmi Note 3 gets a final software update

mobile apple new ios update

Apple rolls out iOS 12.1.3 update

mobile ten one wood wifi porter

Wifi Porter connects you to the Wifi with just a tap

mobile motorola razr folding display

Motorola RAZR could be back with a folding display

mobile apple se on sale

Apple SE is back!

mobile apple iphone battery case

New battery cases for your latest iPhone from Apple

mobile oppo   x optical zoom camera

Powerful 10x optical zoom in Oppo phones?

mobile apple   new iphones

Ready for the next set of iPhones?

mobile lg rollable smartphones

LG is exploring ways to come out with rollable smartphones

mobile google activity cards in search

Google’s new feature makes your search history more accessible and useful

mobile sprint samsung  g smartphone

Sprint and Samsung to release a 5G smartphone in the summer

mobile ledger nano x crypto wallet

Ledger’s new crypto wallet has Bluetooth and a compatible mobile app

mobile whirlpool wear os laundry app

Whirlpool is bringing innovation to laundry routines via Wear OS app

mobile cheap battery results low iphone sales

Apple blames cheap battery replacements for low iPhone sales

mobile sony cameras to change faceid

Sony’s 3D Cameras will make FaceID better in smartphones

mobile apple warns on q  revenue

Apple blames China trade tensions for lowered guidance on Q1 results

mobile   cameras in nokia   pureview

Nokia 9 PureView will blow your mind!

mobile galaxy s   model specs leaked

Galaxy S10 Lite is the model most customers want to buy

mobile     services coming back up

911 services coming back online after an outage

mobile huawei sells     million

Huawei sells a record 200 million phones this year

mobile apple bent ipad pro normal

Bent iPad Pro? It’s normal, says Apple

mobile samsung a  infinity o display

Samsung A8 gets the Infinity-O display – one with the hole-punch

mobile china bans sales of iphones

China’s ban on iPhones seemed like a win for Qualcomm, at first

mobile google leaks new pixel

A new cheaper Google Pixel phone will be out early next year? Possibly!

mobile falcon laptop and tablet

Falcon is a 2-in-1 laptop tiny in size yet big in power

mobile qualcomm snapdragon     chipset

Qualcomm’s new mobile platform will soon enable 5G for U.S. consumers

mobile google fi supports iphones

Google’s cell phone service ‘Google Fi’ finally supports iPhones

mobile lg    lenses smartphone camera

LG’s imagined smartphone camera ‘could’ turn out to be a trendsetter

mobile huawei notchless smartphone

What's next for smartphones? Huawei answers with notchless device

mobile apple ups iphonex production

Apple ups iPhone X production with low XS sales

mobile google patents motorized footwear

Walk an infinite distance in VR using Google’s imagined “motorized footwear”

mobile apple xs xr production drop

Curtains down on Apple’s XS and XR already?

mobile mythical games    million funding

Mythical Games wants wide consumer-adoption of blockchain technology through games

mobile google pixel   lite leaked

They did it again! Rozetked leaked pictures of Pixel 3 ‘Lite’

mobile instagram releases activity dashboard

Find out how much time you spend on Instagram

mobile alibaba smart touch helps blind

Alibaba’s ‘Smart Touch’ is a cheap screen for the blind

mobile dark mode saves battery life

Want to save your battery life? Switch to Dark Mode

mobile samsung infinity flex display

Samsung spilled some beans about its upcoming foldable smartphone

mobile barnes and noble release nook

The Nook 10.1 tablet from Barnes & Noble has a striking display

mobile royole flexpai foldable smartphone

Royole’s FlexPai is the world’s first real foldable device

mobile planet computers cosmo communicator

Planet Computers’ tiny Android laptop Cosmo Communicator is also a phone

mobile motorola one comes to usa

Motorola brings its latest One to the U.S.

mobile iphones may feature better faceid

Rumors are already creating a buzz around Apple’s 2019 offerings

mobile repair vintage apple products program

Vintage devices? Apple will repair it for you

mobile apple ipad pro mac event

3 of the biggest announcements from Apple’s show

mobile red launches hydrogen one

RED’s 3D-enabled ‘holographic’ smartphone is finally here

mobile google discover launches in us

Google Discover launches in the U.S. replacing the iconic Google homepage

mobile ipad pro introduces faceid

Face ID comes to iPad Pro as Home button gets deleted

mobile ebay launches instant selling

eBay announces Instant Selling to help you sell your phone faster

mobile google changes android licensing

Google updates its compatibility agreements to comply with EC’s Android decision

mobile apple buys part of dialog

Engineers of U.K. chipmaker Dialog are being acquihired by Apple

mobile google releases pixel slate

The latest offering from Google: Pixel Slate

mobile motorola moto e  release

USA, brace yourself for the new Motorola Moto E5

mobile nokia     released in us

Roll out the carpets for the new Nokia 7.1

mobile kobo forma is waterproof ereader

Kobo’s Forma is Amazon Oasis’ “large” competitor

mobile voice access reaches google play

Google releases Voice Access app for hands-free control

mobile facebook launches oculus quest

Oculus Quest is Facebook’s best and last VR product for $399

mobile uber invests in deliveroo

Uber Eats may catch up to its ride business soon

mobile google maps in apple carplay

Google and Apple do some things together

mobile oneplus  t without headphone jack

OnePlus 6T joins the ‘no-headphone jack’ community

mobile oneplus in display fingerprint tech

One Plus 6T to have in-display fingerprint technology

mobile sennheiser unveils wireless earbuds

Sennheiser wireless earbuds is a bit dear but can be worth it

mobile  d touch may leave iphones

Apple may bring down 3D Touch technology from newer iPhones

mobile android gmail can undo send

Gmail for Android and for Desktop is now a lot ‘alike’

mobile samsung galaxy note  launched

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unveiled with incredibly powerful hardware

mobile microsoft surface go starts shipping

It’s a Go; the new Microsoft Surface Go reaches stores

mobile red hydrogen one fcc approval

World’s first ‘holographic’ smartphone prepares to release

mobile daydream headsets get chrome browser

Google’s Daydream VR headset is getting Chrome browser with cinema mode

mobile huawei foldable smartphones finishes first

Huawei might win against Samsung over first-ever foldable smartphones

mobile apple fixes damaged devices

Apple offers to fix damaged devices for free in Japan

mobile ipad pro narrow design

Apple’s new iPad Pro 3 is full of surprises, suggests revelations

mobile zte market soar after ban lift

ZTE’s shares soar after US lifts the ban

mobile iphonex new gmail update

Google Inbox for iPhone X gets an update

mobile ad case airbag dampers

AD Case: A Mobile Cover with Air Bags Prevents Phone Damage

mobile google android p beta  release

Google releases Android P Beta 3

mobile red variant oneplus

OnePlus 6 Red is here!

mobile iphone oled lg displays

Apple to supply OLED displays from LG now

mobile apple ios   saving lives

iOS12 to help save lives now!

mobile apple new  apps

Apple rolls out new features

mobile apple  d cameras

Is there anything new with the 2019 iPhones?

mobile apple refund for affected battery

Apple is making a new move on its battery slack up issue

mobile andy rubin closes essential phone

Andy Rubin bids goodbye to the Essential Phones

mobile htc u   plus

HTC’s U12 Plus is unofficially here!

mobile xiaomi indisplay fingerprint sensor

Xiaomi to launch an in-display fingerprint sensor

mobile yahoo to roll out squirrel

Yahoo is testing its messaging app Squirrel, an invite-only group messaging app

mobile amazon alexa voice assistant android

Like Alexa? You can set it as your default voice assistant on Android

mobile instagram video calls explore redesign

Instagram redesign: Introduces video calls and improved Explore page

mobile facebook messenger update redesign

Facebook Messenger gets a clean facelift!

mobile oneplus  is more competitive

Will OnePlus 6 come with a bang?

mobile lg g  thinq display

Super Bright Display on the LG G7 ThinQ

mobile android auto added new feature

Google’s Android Auto gets a new feature

mobile iphones hunting oled displays

iPhones are looking for good OLEDs

mobile oneplus   design revealed

OnePlus 6 looks fancy with premium features

mobile amazon fuse for mobile services

Amazon to roll out its new mobile service ‘Amazon Fuse’

mobile huawei launches y  smartphone

Huawei rolls out Y6 (2018) smartphone

mobile apple iphone  red color

Apple will launch iPhone 8 in RED edition

mobile oneplus   notch display phone

Make way for the OnePlus 6 Phone!

mobile messenger rolls out new features

Facebook Messenger gives you more options

mobile samsung galaxy s  s plus

Samsung rolls out Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus