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AT&T removes data cap to ease work-from-home amid outbreak

Coronavirus has been a limiting factor for the global economy. It has forcedmany companies to shut down manufacturing units partially or fully. World economy is on the way down. Amid these concerns, c... Read more

Nokia collaborating with Intel and Marvell for ReefShark Chips

According to the reputed news agency, Reuters, Nokia is agreeing with Intel and to support the ReefShark Chips. ReefShark announced back in 2018, is being used by most of the base stations by several ... Read more

US officials visit Britain to lobby against using Huawei equipment

Britain is set to host a U.S. delegation that is arriving to convince the former against using Huawei equipment to upgrade its telecom infrastructure. Britain will be making a final call on whether to... Read more

Singtel and Grab strike an important partnership

Singtel Telecommunications Ltd. and the Southeast Asian unicorn, Grab, are partnering to apply for a digital full banking license. In a joint statement, the two companies have said that they will be s... Read more

AT&T's 5G comes to more cities

The country’s second-largest wireless operator AT&T has launched its low-band 5G network in six new cities. The growing network will now be available in New York City, Las Vegas, Detroit, Ph... Read more

LA is getting Verizon 5G

Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband mobility service has now come to the city of Los Angeles. With the availability of wireless technology, users will now be able to enjoy near real-time mobile experien... Read more

Telenor's pick is Ericsson for 5G

The Norwegian telecom giant Telenor has made its pick for 5G. And it’s surprisingly not Huawei. Telenor has picked Ericsson as its 5G vendor. Telenor Group’s CEO Sigve Brekke said that var... Read more