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Hyland Healthcare picks MedPower for data-managed online training

Hyland Healthcare collaborates with a top cloud-based eLearning solution provider, MedPower. This move was made to provide end-user training for their enterprise information platform utilizing the rec... Read more

Digital front door is the future of healthcare

Healthcare services have now started resuming work after the pandemic, there seems to be a change in patients interaction with their providers. In lieu of visiting a local clinic or emergency departme... Read more

How AI is Impacting Healthcare Behind the Scenes

The topic of artificial intelligence in healthcare today rightly gets a great deal of attention. In some cases, AI is enabling advanced surgical procedures, with doctors directing actions but machines... Read more

How Does Mental Health Affect Life and How to Improve It

Your mental health will influence how you feel, think, and behave in daily life. It also affects your ability to overcome challenges, cope with stress, recover from life’s hardships and setbacks... Read more

Verily's screening website to conduct test for COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has profoundly affected all the countries across the world with a visible impact on everything from health to business. With a few countries being hit hard in particular, the ... Read more

Gates foundation-backed program develops home testing kits for COVID-19

The outbreak of deadly coronavirus has profoundly impacted every single country across the globe, prompting the countries’ governments to think of effective ways to tackle it from further spread... Read more

Microsoft launches its ‘AI for Health' initiative

Microsoft has announced the launch of its $40 million AI for Health initiative. It is a five-year program that will help researchers and organizations with AI enhance the health of communities across ... Read more