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3 Reasons Why It's Sensible to Screen Contractors Before Working with Them

Working with contractors is not always easy. First, you have to find someone you can trust with your equipment, property, and intellectual assets, but also someone who can do a good job. Things can go... Read more

The Top 10 Things to Look for in a Business School

Business degrees tend to be one of the most popular courses of study offered by colleges and universities across the country. With the job market projected to grow at a steady rate, many would argue t... Read more

Waymo seeks $2.6 billion from Uber for one allegedly stolen trade secret

Uber has claimed that Waymo, a Google subsidiary and a Autonomous car pioneer, is seeking $2.6 billion from Uber for one of the stolen trade secrets out of the nine trade secrets in question that were... Read more

8th Gen Kaby Lake processors to boost speed by 40%

Intel has just announced its 8th generation core processors and man, it impresses. Intel reported that is sticking to the now ever so familiar Kaby Lake architecture for the new chips, but the interna... Read more

Alphabet gets a new member

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai will be joining the board of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Pichai has been the CEO of Google, ever since the creation of a separate Alphabet company way back... Read more

Microsoft plans on layoff of thousands

After a week of rumors and speculations about Microsoft’s decision to lay off thousands of its workers, Microsoft has finally confirmed its decision. The move is seen to impact the workers as th... Read more

CastAR comes to a standby

Andy Rubin’s funding to the Playground Global is seeing closed doors after investments stopped coming in. The startup was founded by Valve’s former employees. CastAR was building a headset... Read more