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Google's Dataset search just got upgraded

Google’s search engine for datasets named ‘Dataset Search’ just got out of the beta phase with a upgraded tool set that lets users search around 25 million different publicly availab... Read more

Analytics Company Sisense raises over $100mn

Business Analytics startup Sisense built its business on the premise of democratizing big data to users through both graphics on mobile and Alexa. The company is now announcing a big round of funding ... Read more

Zywave acquires miEdge, to become leading data provider

Zywave, which is considered as the leading data analytics and insurtech provider has announced the acquisition of miEdge™, which was the premier provider of lead generation, data analytics, and ... Read more

Facebook creates chatbot for employees

Facebook’s scandals with privacy and security concerns have been rapidly rising over the last couple of years. Facebook employees who went home for thanksgiving this year may have been steeling ... Read more

Microsoft debuts its Azure Synapse Analytics

Microsoft has unveiled its brand new solution, Azure Synapse Analytics, to help its customers work with their data more quickly than before. The company said that a lot of work had gone into releasing... Read more

HCAP Partners invest in Lone Star Analysis

Texas-based data analytics firm, Lone Star Analysis, has received investment from HCAP Partners. The investment was led by HCAP Partners Principal Nicolas Lopez and Managing Partner Tim Bubnack. The t... Read more

Databricks raises a massive $400 million in Series F

In its latest round of funding, data analytics giant Databricks has raised $400 million. Following the Series F round, the company is now valued at $6.2 billion. The investment round was led by Andree... Read more