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4Media Group starts a digital marketing agency Dynamic Influence

4Media Group has included Dynamik Influence, an influencer marketing agency in its checklist to continue the process of innovation and be a wholly-integrated, full-service communications agency. The l... Read more

Mapp introduces Digital Marketing Playbook

Customer engagement platform, Mapp, released a Digital Marketing Playbook that provides marketers and agencies with 100 tactics to improve their digital marketing to increase engagement and grow reven... Read more

3 Tips For Staying On Top Of SEO During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a host of new obstacles for businesses to overcome. But regardless of how much disruption there is currently, businesses still need to keep up with their SEO if th... Read more

France says Google abused its position, slaps a massive fine

Google has been fined a massive 150 million euros ($167 million) by the French competition watchdog. The fine has come as the watchdog believes that Google abused its position in the online search and... Read more

Way to go KnowledgeWave!

KnowledgeWave is a business software training expert specializing in Microsoft Office 365. The company proudly announces that it stands number 26 on Fifty Five and Five's Digital Marketing Excellence ... Read more

Advertisers can specifically target podcast listens on Spotify

Podcast listeners on Spotify, be ready to hear some advertisements. Spotify is allowing digital marketing agencies to now target their ads based on the podcasts people listen to. Earlier, ads were bas... Read more

Elizabeth Warren's ads removed on Facebook, restored later

Elizabeth Warren is all set to break the giant tech companies including Facebook, Amazon, and Google if she’s elected President next year. As the calls for antitrust action against these tech gi... Read more