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AI can now more accurately identify heart failure

Artificial Intelligence

AI can now more accurately identify heart failure

An AI tool was created by researchers at the University of Edinburgh to diagnose heart failure earlier, which can improve patient treatment.

The platform, known as CoDE-HF, gathers data from a patient's blood tests that show the amounts of NT-proBNP, a chemical produced by the heart. The information can show whether a patient had heart failure, a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's requirements.

NT-proBNP levels can currently be tested to determine a diagnosis if they drop below a minimum value, however this method is not widely utilized because it is imprecise. Depending on the patient's weight, age, and other medical issues, the amount may vary. For elderly patients and those with pre-existing medical issues, the protein blood tests by themselves have not shown to be as accurate as the CoDE-HF instrument.

“The CoDE-HF decision support tool incorporating NT-proBNP as a continuous measure and other clinical variables provides a more consistent, accurate and individualized approach,” the researchers wrote in a paper that was published in The British Medical Journal.

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