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Apple's co-founder says AI may make scams harder to spot

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Apple's co-founder says AI may make scams harder to spot

Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, has cautioned that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) may make it more difficult to detect fraud and false information.

Wozniak, a tech guru and icon, says he is afraid AI technology will be harnessed by “bad actors” to commit scams and frauds.

Speaking to reporters, he said AI content should be clearly labeled and that regulation was paramount for the sector.

The pioneer of computing signed a letter in March alongside Elon Musk calling for a halt in the development of powerful AI models.

Better known by his epithet “Woz”, Wozniak is a Silicon Valley veteran who, alongside Steve Jobs, co-founded Apple and invented the world’s first Apple computer, the Macintosh.

Wozniak did, however, issue a warning, stating that he believes AI will increase the credibility of bad actors because devices like ChatGPT can generate text that "sounds so intelligent" and can be used to scam unwary citizens. Because AI lacks emotion, Wozniak does not think it will ever completely replace humans.

He believes that whoever posts anything created by artificial intelligence to the public should be held accountable. He asserted that it is ultimately up to humans to bear responsibility for AI-generated output.

Computing pioneer Wozniak claims that missed opportunities at the inception of the internet can serve as a lesson for those developing artificial intelligence today. He holds that while "we can't stop the technology," we can educate the public to recognize frauds and other scams designed to steal personal information.

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