Aeon Ads wants to independently research audience targeting

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Aeon Ads wants to independently research audience targeting

Aeon Ads, a digital marketing start up which has expertise in search engine optimization takes a step forward in digital marketing to research on audience targeting. The company wants to self research and release the results, the CEO of the company, Elias Manolopoulos says the company is concentrating on online advertising in relationship to its cultural, social and financial context and the firm’s goal is to analyse the problem and present a solution.

The research reveals that agencies have begun to study platforms which help them deliver their message to potential consumers. There is a dispute globally because all the agencies want less noisy and invasive advertising process.

The company tried to analyse which approach is better; one group of people feel both the methods violate privacy when the app’s terms and conditions are agreed and another group of people analyse from the marketing point of view and say these methods are only the way to fetch accurate, relevant and refined content. 

Researchers believe the solution lies where there is ability to adjust your feed, people should have complete control over the data and share along with the option to opt out completely.

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