Facebook updates authentication for account login

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Facebook updates authentication for account login

Facebook comes with more cybersecurity options apart from the two-factor authentication. Facebook has announced that it is simplifying the process for two-factor verification without the user giving away his phone number. There will be other third-party apps for authentication like Duo Security and Google Authenticator while streamlining the setup process.

The updated version is less risky, especially since it uses hardware-based authentication devices or third-party apps. To set up the new authentication, you need to access the “Security and Login” tab in your Facebook settings. Generally, an SMS is sent for two-factor authentication. However, this isn’t exactly very secure method as hackers can control the SIM and transfer it to a new phone.

Previously, there were many complaints from users about Facebook spamming their phone numbers with which they had signed up for two-factor authentication. Facebook CSO Alex Stamos had also apologized for the incident and promised that it won’t happen again.

This is why Facebook came up with the updated two-factor authentication. There is no question of spamming if you don’t give your phone number in the first place! Considering that the two-factor authentication popular, Facebook has ensured to add another line of defense in any case of an emergency where you’re locked outside your account.

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