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Android users can send SMS through Alexa


Android users can send SMS through Alexa

It looks like Amazon is expanding Alexa’s ability to send text messages to any phone. There’s a new updated feature for Alexa users on an Android device. Earlier messaging was possible only through the Alexa app to those who had Echo devices. But now, Alexa has improved its ability to send SMS to any phone.

To date, sending a message from Alexa was quite pointless if the receiver didn’t have an Echo Speaker. But with the latest support from Amazon, users can send messages to any phone. You only need to have an Android device with the Alexa app and then simply ask Alexa to send the SMS. Alexa will automatically send the SMS if you message a contact that doesn't have an Echo.

Text Away

Users simply need to navigate over to “Conversations” tab and then to “Contacts”. Then select the My Profile and switch on the “Send SMS” feature. So far, there hasn’t been any update regarding iOS devices. Users are still in doubt if similar functionality will ever be available for iOS devices.

But here’s a catch. You can’t use this feature text 911, or participate in group messages or even send MMS. But for instance, you’re racing out the door for an appointment and you can ask Alexa to send an SMS to your friend that you’re on your way.

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