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Hacker hacks into Microsoft and Nintendo-pleads guilty

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Hacker hacks into Microsoft and Nintendo-pleads guilty

After hacking into Microsoft and later into Nintendo, a 24-year-old pleaded guilty. Zammis Clark hacked into the servers of the two companies and stole confidential information using online persona- Slipstream or Raylee. He was charged on multiple counts of computer misuse offenses in a London Crown Court, where he finally pleaded guilty into hacking Microsoft and Nintendo.

With an internal username and passwords, Clark had gained access to a Microsoft server on January 24th, 2017. Once inside, he uploaded a web shell to remotely access Microsoft’s network freely for at least three weeks- the prosecutors revealed. Clark then searched through Microsoft’s network, downloaded data, and also uploaded files. 

The cybersecurity compromise resulted in around 43,000 files being stolen after targeting Microsoft’s internal Windows flighting servers. Additionally, Clark shared access to Microsoft’s servers through an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server chatroom. This further allowed hackers from the UAE, Germany, France, and other countries to steal confidential information. 

Finally, after a joint investigation by the FBI, EUROPOL, Microsoft’s cyber team, and the NCCU, they were able to track and catch-hold of Clark. Finally, Clark was sentenced to a total of 15 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months. Tom Burt, CVP of customer security and trust at Microsoft said in a statement: “Today’s action by the Courts in the UK represents an important step. Stronger internet security not only requires strong technical capability but the willingness to acknowledge issues publicly and refer them to law enforcement.”

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