Opera brings back its built-in VPN

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Opera brings back its built-in VPN

Couple of years back, Opera would offer built-in VPN at a time when it was not as popular for browsers to offer such security features. But then it had a few strange years, as its business was sold to different entities in parts. But now, Opera is back and it is offering a built-in VPN once again.  

Beginning with Opera for Android 51, Opera VPN will give more control to users so that they can monitor their privacy requirements and improve their cybersecurity. The VPN will be especially useful when users are on an unsecured public WiFi network.

The VPN uses 256-bit encryption and does not log any activity data. The VPN will hide a user’s true location by connecting to servers spread out all over the world. The feature was first introduced to the Opera mobile beta users last month and it has been available for the Opera desktop app users for years now. It has been available in both of these mediums free of cost and the feature will be free for Android too.

If you are an Opera user, enabling the built-in VPN is quite simple. You need to go to the settings of the browser and then enable the VPN.

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