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Mindel Klein, a pioneer in digital marketing, is appointed to the BOD by Skyword

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Mindel Klein, a pioneer in digital marketing, is appointed to the BOD by Skyword

As of today, Mindel Klein, the former director of Integrated Marketing Communications, Brand Experience, and Digital for Colgate-Palmolive North America, has been added to the board of directors of Skyword, the industry-leading provider of content production tools and services.

Klein, a professional marketer, brings to the position a profound understanding of brand development, digital marketing, capability development, and organizational transformation.

“We are honored to have Mindel Klein join our Board of Directors. As we head into 2023 with many technological advancements and new buyer engagement behaviors to embrace, we are confident that her extensive experience leading and growing Fortune 500 brands will bring great value to our team,” mentions Andrew Wheeler, CEO of Skyword.

Mindel joins the board of directors of Skyword at a time when the company is experiencing exciting new growth. Recent updates to Skyword's Skyword360 content marketing platform include Content Atomization, which employs generative AI to customize and modify original, human-generated content for various digital channels and audience personas. With the new functionality, Skyword's exclusive network of content creators and marketing experts may expand their talents and reach in a quick and affordable manner.

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