Medivis develops Surgical Visualization Platform using AR and AI


Medivis develops Surgical Visualization Platform using AR and AI

SurgicalAR is an AR technology platform for surgical applications. Created by Medivis, a Microsoft technology partner, the platform leverages Microsoft HoloLens to help healthcare practitioners and physicians mitigate surgical complications and ensure patient safety.

SurgicalAR leverages HoloLens to enable surgeons to overlay images on the patients during surgery for superior precision. It also allows them to make real-time decisions in and out of the surgical room. By leveraging the latest breakthrough in AR and AI, SurgicalAR – the end-to-end surgical imaging solution – allows operators to have “superior understanding, confidence, efficiency, and precision for every patient,” Medivis wrote. 

"Surgeons today still rely on 2D images to display patient data, requiring practitioners to turn their visual attention away from the patient," said Osamah Choudhry, MD & CEO of Medivis. "They are forced to use their imagination to mentally fuse and display data in order to accurately plan and perform surgery with precision. SurgicalAR was developed to enable superior utilization of medical imaging data to maximize accuracy, improve surgical outcomes, and ensure patient safety in the operating room. This technology represents the next big paradigm shift in medical imaging and will revolutionize the entire imaging spectrum from pre-operative planning to modern surgical navigation."

The company is also planning to integrate machine learning capabilities into the platform to serve surgeons with most recent and relevant information from patients’ medical records and diagnostics. However now, Medivis sells a touchscreen monitor, display and a headset. Its current products are capable of extracting medical imaging from the hospital servers in about 30 seconds.

Having closed a $2.3M seed round led by Initialized Capital recently to support the project, the New York-based company also supplies hardware to Dell and Microsoft.

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