Alexa 5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2020
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September Edition 2020

5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2020

5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2020

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Dalsin Industries

Gary Fruth, CEO Dalsin isn't just a precision metal manufacturer for OEMs; it helps its customers do better business by saving time, optimizing product performance, and increasing quality and efficiency. Some of its capabilities include: fiber laser cutting, high-volume full sheet punching, automated panel bending and forming, robotic and manual welding; electro-mechanical assembly, expert finishing services, and global supply chain management.


Reinier Beltman CEO Ampleon's portfolio offers products and solutions for a wide range of applications, such as mobile broadband infrastructure, radio & TV broadcasting, CO2 lasers & plasma, MRI, particle accelerators, radar & air-traffic control, non-cellular communications, RF cooking & defrosting, RF heating and plasma lighting.


Nigel Toon CEO Graphcore has created a completely new processor, the IPU, specifically designed for AI compute. The IPU’s unique architecture lets AI researchers undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next advances in machine intelligence.


Timothy D. Myers, CEO Arconic offers a range of highly-differentiated aluminum sheet, plate and extruded products for the aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation, brazing and industrial markets. It is also a key supplier to the building and construction market, with innovative products and systems that help architects, builders and project teams realize their vision for modern, beautiful, high-performing buildings.

Kognitiv Spark

Yan Simard, CEO Kognitiv Spark is a global leader for industrial task support software. Partnered with leading hardware providers, the company uses augmented and mixed reality to deliver holographic industrial worker support with interactive 3D content, artificial intelligence, and live IoT data.

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