WiFi onboard low-budget Spirit airplanes by 2019


WiFi onboard low-budget Spirit airplanes by 2019

Spirit Airline is going to be the first ultra-low-cost carrier to offer WiFi onboard. Passengers will be required to pay an amount, where the average price is $6.50 per flight. The company announced that the price will be charged depending upon the networking bandwidth options that the passenger chooses. Apart from this, the route of the flight is another factor for deciding the price.

The budget airlines said that it will be using Ka-band high-speed satellites. This guarantees a connection with good speed for streaming. A complete rollout is expected by the summer of next year. Spirit also promises that there will be a faster WiFi experience in the next couple of years as the communications team is working on acquiring better access to next-generation satellites from SES.

WiFi on air

One thing is sure though, Spirit will face a stiff competition. Almost all major airlines offer one or another form of basic fares that poses a difficult market for airline companies like Spirit. It is usually up to the passenger who selects what services he requires onboard. It’ll depend on him whether he prefers to have access to overhead cabin bins or access to WiFi.

Nevertheless, Spirit may eventually find a way to stay ahead of others. Having a low-budget flight is advantageous. Now adding WiFi access to its list of feature can surely help to stay ahead in the tough market of today.

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