The first Amazon 4-star store opened in New York


The first Amazon 4-star store opened in New York

The retailer – Amazon opens a new kind of store, called the “Amazon 4-star store” in New York. All the items it sells at this store are rated 4 stars and above. The shop will also include products from top sellers and the new and trending on Amazon.com.  

The store on Spring Street, in SoHo, is a “direct reflection of our customers—what they’re buying and what they’re loving,” says Amazon. “Today, the average rating of all the products in Amazon 4-star is 4.4 stars, and collectively, the products in the store have earned more than 1.8 million 5-star customer reviews,”  they added.

The items stocked at this store are divided into sections like “Most Wished For”, “Amazon Exclusives”, and “Frequently Bought Together” – a real-world representation of Amazon.com’s algorithm.  The store will also host a “Trending around NYC” section to house some of the locally popular products as well.

Amazon 4-Star store is Amazon.com’s real-world implementation, in every way, including price. While ordinary customers (non-prime members) pay the list price, Amazon Prime members will enjoy shopping products for the same price as in Amazon.com. However, Amazon 4-Star store offers non-prime members the option to choose a free Prime trial in order to get the Amazon.com discount.

Amazon 4-Star store is the latest in the list of Amazon’s real-world ventures. In light of a sneaking suspicion that Amazon’s reviews are less trustworthy, the 4-Star store is the only place where you get to ‘sense’ if it’s a decent buy or not.

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