Snap Store is the latest merchandise selling app from Snapchat


Snap Store is the latest merchandise selling app from Snapchat

Here comes a new merchandise store from Snap Inc. called the Snap Store. With Snap Store, Snap can make way for potential in-app commerce platform for other brands. This isn’t the first merchandise venture from Snap as it had earlier brought out branded towels, backpacks, and the infamous dancing hot dog costume.

But the new Snap Store is a step further. The Snap Store can be accessed through the Snapchat app’s Discover section and lets you buy Snapchat merchandise, like a $20 Dancing Hot Dog Plushie or a $30 Dog Lens T-Shirt. Users can scan the Snap Code below the item with the Snapchat camera to open the store. Currently, there are exclusive items that will only be available for a limited time.

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Some fans noticed that the famous Snap’s Spectacles are missing from the list of products. It is believed that Snap has lost nearly $40 million on hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles. Currently, the Snap Store isn’t a venture for serious revenue. But instead, the revenue made from here is going out for community service. But in a way, this is going to be a way to drive brand loyalty. And not to forget the free marketing that’s going to come along as people wear and show off these products.

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