World Champion Terence Crawford opens a Retail Store in Omaha


World Champion Terence Crawford opens a Retail Store in Omaha

Terence “Bud” Crawford has brought a lot of positive spotlight to Omaha. But this weekend, he went one step further by opening a retail store north Omaha. The TBC store has been open for business since Saturday. The store features all of the three-time world champion’s signature apparel.

His fans from all over the city came to the store and lined up around the block to enter the newly renovated space. The fans were happy to purchase the latest merchandise from the store. On top of that, getting a moment with the champ was the icing on the cake!

Terence has a strong connection with the building where the shop has now come up. He spent a lot of time in the same building which was previously owned by the father of a childhood friend.

“I remember going to the store and buying chips, pops and candy on my way to play basketball. It was the neighborhood store,” Crawford said. “When the building came up for sale, I thought I want to buy that building. I want to leave a legacy and help my community.”

The apparel from the shop has enjoyed positive reactions from the shoppers who were more than happy to shop at the new retail shop.

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