eBay finds AI translation a big boost to its sales

Bid for homes online now with new Redfin feature

One-day delivery for Prime members out already!

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retail aliexpress has more sellers

AliExpress now available to sellers from more countries

retail amazon sellers defrauded

Amazon Sellers were hit by a major fraudster scheme

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retail new york amazon go accepts cash

Amazon Go store in New York city accepts cash!

retail amazon reached out israeli local markets

Amazon approaches Israeli retailers to reach local customers

retail ford and lincoln gets incar delivery

Amazon’s in-car delivery service available to Ford and Lincoln

retail shopify launches new retail hardware

Shopify launches new retail hardware to enhance in-store shopping

retail amazon one day shipping

Amazon is working on one-day Prime shipping

retail casino group extends partnership with amazon

Casino Group is extending its partnership with Amazon

retail amazon china online store closing

Amazon to shut its Online Store in China

retail amazon go accepts cash

You can pay with cash at Amazon Go stores, maybe later

retail walmart acquires polymorph labs

Walmart to boost its ad business with newest acquisition

retail dhl launched africa eshop app

DHL unveils Africa eShop app for the global retailers

retail jeff bezos challenges rivals

Take the $15 minimum wage challenge to compete with Amazon

retail walmart hires more robots

Robots to clean floors and scan inventories at Walmart now

retail brain announces new delivery robot

Brain has announced a new delivery robot for factories and retail

retail walmart partners google assistant

Walmart and Google Assistant partner to rival Amazon and Alexa

retail familymart partners with panasonic

FamilyMart leans on Panasonic to help its staffing issues

retail apple launches credit card

Apple’s surprises with a new Credit Card

retail mcdonalds acquire dynamic yield

McDonald’s acquire Dynamic Yield to improvise the menus

retail walmart cto is leaving

Walmart CTO Jeremy King is exiting the company

retail san francisco to ban ecigarette sales

San Francisco makes a move to prohibit e-cigarettes

retail aumake to open three stores

AuMake will shortly open 3 new stores

retail amazon headquarters in northern virginia

Amazon welcomed by Northern Virginia to build its headquarters

retail walmart to launch a tablet

Walmart is launching its own tablet

retail philadelphia bans cashless payments

Philly is the first city to ban cashless transactions

retail sams club new scanning tech

Sam’s Club’s next is a next-gen Scan-and-Go tech, patent revealed

retail amazon opening grocery chain

Amazon may be opening its own grocery chain in the US

retail amazon project zero removes counterfeits

Amazon’s Project Zero is a boon to brands most counterfeited

retail tesla closes retail outlets

Tesla to shut its retail stores

retail walmart acquires aspectiva

Walmart acquires Israeli startup Aspectiva

retail apple closing stores east texas

Apple to shut shop in Eastern districts of Texas

retail amazon exits new york campus

NY may have won the battle, but not the war with Amazon

retail rabobank foodbytes platform for startups

Rabobank creates a platform for game-changing startups

retail local australian retailers tough year

Australian retailers in for a tough year ahead

retail facebook acquires grokstyle

Facebook acquires GrokStyle, an AI and a visual search company

retail raspberry pi opens retail store

Raspberry Pi opens its first retail store

retail angela ahrendts leaving apple

Angela Ahrendts to exit Apple in April

retail amazon tests delivery robot

Amazon starts testing its delivery robot

retail walmart attention on vudu

Walmart scraps new video streaming platform to focus on Vudu

retail walmart gets more delivery partners

Walmart gets four more delivery partners

retail caper labs smart shopping cart

Caper Labs enters the autonomous retail race with their ‘smart carts’

retail checkpoint systems released halo

HALO is retailers’ friend in need

retail sears to abandon    stores

Sears to cease its 80 stores by March?

retail more whole foods outlets

More Whole Foods stores to come up across the U.S

retail amazon germany employees strike

Amazon employees in Germany go on strike, demand better work conditions

retail amazon joins us police

Amazon plans something tricky to curb thieves

retail millie ai virtual salesperson

Millie is an illustration of computer vision is invading the retail

retail walmart online store in japan

Walmart collaborates with Rakuten for its digital store in Japan

retail walmart to acquire art

Walmart announces its plan of buying Art.com

retail facebook tests live shopping feature

Facebook’s imagined ‘Live’ shopping feature may not be for all

retail alibaba trade hub in belgium

Alibaba to build a trade hub in Belgium

retail order walmart online in store

You can order from Walmart’s online store while in-store

retail amazon expands cashier less tech

Amazon aims to expand its cashier-less technology

retail amazon black friday protest

Amazonians staged a protest on Friday to say “We’re not Robots”

retail ikea to lay off

IKEA to lay off 7,500 but will hire 11,500 too

retail apple stands out of the crowd

Apple sets a benchmark to all the retailers

retail mcgill retail school opened

Bensadoun School of Retail Management takes retail to the next level

retail walmart reports strong q

Walmart posts strong third-quarter store sales, beats expectations

retail shyft app helps swap shifts

Shyft earned $6.5M to build an efficient tool to swap shifts

retail retailers predict high sales next year

Will Christmas bring prosperity to retailers?

retail walmart ford for grocery delivery

Walmart and Ford collaborate to test self-driving cars for grocery delivery

retail iconsiam has finally arrived

The exceptional Iconsiam is waiting for you!

retail ebay homes services bookings

Book home installation and handy services on eBay now

retail alibaba singles day   billion sale

Alibaba brings in $31 billion in its Singles’ Day sales

retail   eleven cashier less store

7-Eleven is piloting its first cashier-less store

retail amazon opens  star store

Amazon pops open another 4-star store

retail bigbox introduces a digital platform

Big-box to roll out a digital platform to comfort customers

retail walmart makes holiday shopping easier

Walmart is making shopping easier for you this holiday season

retail walmart launches store in dallas

Walmart’s new store in Dallas promotes technology-driven shopping experiences

retail amazon disappointing q  earnings

Amazon shares sink, but it is well-heeled in North America

retail target announces same day delivery

Target to up the competition before holidays

retail new benefits for business prime users

Amazon announces new benefits for its Business Prime customers

retail walmart announces improvements for the holidays

Walmart announces in-store returns and the free shipping offer for holidays

retail amazon unveils two green initiatives

Amazon announces two new environment-friendly programs for U.S. and U.K.

retail walmart and paypal collaborate

PayPal users can now withdraw cash at Walmart

retail carrefour joins ibm blockchain

Carrefour joins IBM’s Food Trust network

retail amazon go in uk

Amazon is taking its cashier-less store concept to the UK

retail amazon employee shares email

Third-party sellers get customer emails from Amazon employee

retail amazon doing away with incentives

Is Amazon’s new minimum wage all-good and no-bad?

retail amazon raises its minimum wage

Amazon raises the minimum wage for its workers to $15-an hour

retail amazon  star store launched

The first Amazon 4-star store opened in New York

retail walmart tracks supplies with blockchain

Walmart to trace its leafy green supplies with Blockchain

retail meituan shares rise   percent

Meituan-Dianping shares jump a massive 5%

retail walmart using vr to train

Walmart is making VR a standard element in its employee training

retail amazon debuts scout shopping tool

SCOUT is Amazon’s new visual shopping tool powered by machine learning

retail data privacy bill in california

California is running start a data privacy bill for retailers

retail amazon investigates bribe accusations

Amazonians were bribed for data by third-party sellers

retail alibaba computing conference

Alibaba’s Annual Computing Conference is here

retail retail sales slow down

Consumer spending slows down in August, expected to pick up soon

retail walmart acquires cornershop delivery

Walmart is acquiring a delivery service platform Cornershop for $225 million

retail daniel zhang succeeds ma

Daniel Zhang to take up Jack Ma’s role after his exit

retail jack ma retires from alibaba

Jack Ma to retire next week

retail walmart new spark delivery

Walmart to launch Spark Delivery with Bringg

retail instagram new shopping app

Shopping has a new destination on Instagram’s new app

retail meituan dianping seeks   b valuation

Meituan-Dianping wants valuation of $55 billion to go public

retail tapzo for amazon pay

Amazon reportedly acquires Tapzo to promote Amazon Pay in India

retail new cashierless amazon store

Downtown Seattle gets to host Amazon’s new cashier-less store

retail sill plant startup raises  million

The Sill raises $5 Million in series A funding

retail walmart and kobo launches ebooks

Walmart in association with Rakuten Kobo launches Walmart eBooks

retail walmart completes flipkart acquisition

Walmart now owns 77% of Flipkart

retail walmart vr shopping patents

Walmart ahead of Amazon in ‘virtual reality shopping’

retail autonomous cars enter kroger

Nuro cars bring Kroger Groceries on road with Robotics

retail google opens flagship store

Google may open a flagship retail outlet in Chicago

retail worlds largest mall in dubai

World’s largest Mall to come up in Dubai

retail amazon whole foods pickup service

Amazon introduces pickup service for Whole Foods outlets

retail brookstone files for bankruptcy

Brookstone filing for bankruptcy for the second time

retail postmates walmart grocery delivery

Postmates’ Walmart delivery to come to Los Angeles and San Diego

retail hyundai amazon digital showroom

Hyundai’s new Digital Showroom at Amazon is Modern Car-Buying

retail amazon gains ecommerce market

Amazon set to capture half of the E-commerce market

retail amazon go new store seattle

Amazon Go is opening its second cashier-less store

retail amazon robots warehouses offices

Amazon is Ready to Welcome Robots to their Offices

retail commonsense robotics help small retailers

CommonSense Robotics to boost small grocery retailers

retail microsoft cashier free stores

Cashier-free Stores, Microsoft to Challenge Amazon’s Go

retail mcdonalds new  headquarters

McDonald’s gets a swanky new HQ

retail hellofresh retail meal kit

HelloFresh makes an entry into Retail

retail personal shopper walmart

Walmart’s now giving you personal shoppers!

retail google reserve online booking assistant

Google’s ‘Reserve’ Makes Search Simplified, Helps Businesses Grow

retail amazon prime discount whole foods

Amazon Prime members can now avail 10% discount on Whole Foods

retail amazon go chicago san francisco

Chicago and San Francisco open up to Amazon Go stores

retail munchery food delivery closes

No more munchies from Munchery

retail samsung pay cash back ers

Get cash back for purchases on Samsung Pay

retail amazon prime membership    dollars

Amazon hikes its annual Prime Membership from $99 to $119 now

retail amazon home robots vesta

Home Robots from Amazon soon?

retail ups benefits loyal customers

UPS gives discounts for retailers

retail walmart check out with me

Walmart launches ‘Check Out With Me’ across hundreds of stores

retail jeff bezos    m amazon prime members

There are 100 million Amazon Prime Members: Jeff Bezos

retail walmart website gets revamp

The Walmart Website gets a Revamp!

retail amazon fifth retailer in uk

Bravo Amazon! It is your high point

retail kroger hiring employees and managers

Kroger is busy in recruiting employees and managers

retail aeon retail in malasia

AEON’s retail business is now extended to Malaysia

retail walmart expands pickup stations

Walmart’s automatic pickup stations is the highpoint in retail

retail razer online game store

A Much Bigger Online Game Store from Razer

retail walnut board successful retail promotion

Walnut board revived retailers in Minneapolis and Charlotte

retail crispr edits agricultural crops

We could be eating CRISPR food in the coming years!

retail ford alibaba car vending machine

Ford and Alibaba open a Car Vending Machine

retail walmart drone shopping assistants patents

Walmart signs patent for Drone Shopping Assistants

retail roots stores in boston

Roots to open two new stores in Boston

retail m gemi is thought provoking

M. Gemi is thought-provoking!

retail walmart grocery delivery     cities

100 New Cities to have Walmart Grocery Delivery

retail alibaba invests rent the runway

Alibaba’s Jack Ma invests in Rent the Runway

retail amazon prime medicaid recipients

A low-version of Amazon Prime for Medicaid recipients

retail target drive up expansion

Drive Up from Target is expanding nationwide

retail starbucks opened first reserve store

Starbucks first Reserve store opened in Starbucks Seattle headquarters building

retail ingenico integrates with google pay

Ingenico integrates with Google Pay

retail amazon prime woot free shipping

Amazon adds free shipping from Woot! For Prime members

retail farfetch and chanel amalgamation

Chanel and Farfetch associate to reform luxury retail experience