Alexa Walmart to launch Spark Delivery with Bringg
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Walmart to launch Spark Delivery with Bringg


Walmart to launch Spark Delivery with Bringg

Walmart avails grocery delivery from 50 of its retail outlets across the U.S but it is now launching a new delivery service in collaboration with Bringg to improve upon its delivery time. This new service will be exclusively for groceries and household items.

The company has not revealed the cost of availing this new service but it currently avails the grocery delivery service at $9.95 on an order over $30. The retail giant is calling the new service Spark Delivery. Spark Delivery, will crowdsource deliveries which is similar to what Uber and Lyft are doing in the ride-hailing scene. The drivers signing up for the service will be given time slots based on their availability and then they will be sent delivery details and navigational assistance during the delivery.

Walmart will be relying on Bringg’s technology to manage the new delivery service. Walmart has said that the Spark Delivery service will empower it to attain its goal of reaching 100 markets this year which would enable it to cover 40% of the households in the U.S. It looks like; Walmart is stepping up its game to keep up with Amazon as it now explores the offline retail situation.

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