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Westminster opens its doors to create robotic innovations


Westminster opens its doors to create robotic innovations

In an attempt to step forward towards creating, educating and developing robotics, Autonomous Robotics Innovation Center opens a hub in Maryland.

The Autonomous Robotics Innovation Center (ARIC), in an attempt to promote the advancements of technology, as well as create a space for collaboration, took the step to open up shop in Westminster, Maryland. Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory (MAGIC), along with other key stakeholders, partner with ARIC, taking the initiative to create a platform for growth and learning, to transform the robotics industry.

The executive director of MAGIC, Graham Dodge, an essential partner in ARIC’s commencement, stated that the idea for the program emerged through a conversation amidst the area’s robotics ecosystem.

A committed team of MAGIC workers, consultants, and volunteers are said to staff the center.

The Duckietown platform is one of the courses offered, along with certifications in Python, Robotics Operating System (ROS), and other technologies. The Ghost Kart program, a partnership with GearUp Maryland, which focuses on converting gas-engine go-karts to autonomous electric cars, is one of the numerous extra activities hosted by ARIC. Another initiative, run by the OBSERV (Observational Environmental Robotic Vehicles) Foundation in collaboration with Kick Robotics, intends to lower the cost of using its SenseBot platform for producers, distributors, and farmers. ARIC also provides training for the VEX and FIRST robotics platforms.

ARIC has an impact that goes beyond the confines of the facility, as Dodge expressed his hope that it will open up fresh avenues for the community's rich robotics history.

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