Switch on your Ring alarm with Alexa


Switch on your Ring alarm with Alexa

You would be surprised to know that even though Amazon owns Ring, the home security alarm device, it hadn’t linked up Echo smart speakers with it. That’s changed now as Amazon allows you to arm and disarm your security alarms with Alexa. Along with Ring Amazon is enabling ADT, Honeywell, Scout, and Honeywell security systems with Alexa.

The integration between Ring and Alexa is quite simple and seamless. You need to install the Ring skill from the Skill Store in the Alexa app and ensure that Alexa can access the alarm system. You can then test or access using Alexa with commands like “Alexa, set Ring to Home” or “Alexa, arm Ring” and even disarm the system by commanding “Alexa, disarm Ring.”

Precautions to Disarm

When it comes to disarming the Ring system, Alexa is quite particular. Suppose you command Alexa to disarm Ring, you’ll need to specifically enable it on the Skill’s setting page and also say your PIN. This makes much sense. You wouldn’t want a burglar to command “Alexa, disarm Ring” and barge in!

Other security device manufacturers can also join the club as Amazon has also announced that it’s going to open up its Security Panel Controller API to others. You can expect more integration in the coming days.  

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