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Global Security Centre: WhatsApp’s new initiative against scams


Global Security Centre: WhatsApp’s new initiative against scams

WhatsApp’s latest launch introduces ‘Global Security Centre’, an all-new feature set out to protect users from scams or fraudulent accounts.

After recent claims of continuous spam calls and scam artist flooding the app, WhatsApp users have been facing a major issue with multiple fraud cases being reported due to the spam calls. WhatsApp has taken into consideration the amount of fraud cases being filed and spam calls being reported and have launched a new feature called the ‘Global Security Centre’.

The Global Security Centre is said to protect WhatsApp users from any online fraud or scams. According to the mobile application company, the new feature will include provision to help users with guidelines and information, to keep spammers and scammers away. The company further added that, a webpage will be made available to explain the multiple measures put in place, to safely assure users against fraudulent cases.

Even though WhatsApp has claimed that one of the best ways to avoid scammers and fraudsters is through the existing end-to-end encryption, they, however, are continuously looking for new safety measure to add unto the existing ones.

The new tool will amp up WhatsApp’s privacy policy, with a two-step verification, the tool will include being extra cautious in looking out for fraud and fake accounts. As a response to consumers facing spam messages and calls at random hours, WhatsApp took the initiative to introduce Stay Safe with WhatsApp campaign. The campaign was used to raise awareness of the increasing issues, caused by fraudulent accounts, while simultaneously showcasing the safety features and information.

One of the main speculated features on the new launch, will be the ability to swap phone numbers with usernames, this will help keep away spam calls and messages. The introduction of Global Security Centre is a step towards enhancing safety against unwanted scammers and fraudsters. With the increasing commonality of scam calls in this day and age, WhatsApp is taking a positive step to protect its users.

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