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Moving to Cloud is a whole lot easier now


Moving to Cloud is a whole lot easier now

Data runs the world today and companies rely on their storage infrastructure to store data. Cloud has been the way to go for businesses recently owing to its many benefits. But before anybody can utilize the cloud, they need to move their data to cloud.

Cloud migration has become an industry of its own. But to make this process easier Google has announced a new service for large-scale, online data transfers. Google calls the service – Transfer Service for on-premises data.

The service has been launched by Google to take the complexity out of the data transfers and move the data faster than the existing online tools like gsuitl. The managed solution will enable businesses to move their data without the need of engineering their own custom software. Through the service large-scale transfers can be done - literally billions of files, multiple PB of data. Also, the service can handle agent failures and the in-progress transfers do not get affected by such events.

Transfer Service for on-premises data requires no code or maintenance which will allow organizations to focus on innovation. The service is now available in beta.

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