Citrix Workspace is coming to Google Cloud

Microsoft and Sony to collaborate on new cloud-based solutions

Google Cloud announces a new region for Japan

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cloud adobe new magento integrations

Adobe announces new integrations to Magento

cloud google tpus publicly available

Google TPU pods now come with over 1,000 TPUs

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cloud microsoft j p morgan blockchain partnership

Microsoft and J.P. Morgan partnership to give blockchain a push

cloud google calljoy virtual customer service

Google unveils CallJoy, a virtual customer agent for SMBs

cloud amazon managed blockchain general availability

AWS announces general availability of its Managed Blockchain

cloud mirantis new saas application

Mirantis announces a SaaS application for On-Premise Cloud

cloud aws new hong kong region

AWS announces new Hong Kong region

cloud arm and docker partnership

Arm announces strategic partnership with Docker

cloud microsoft posts strong q  results

Cloud business spurs Microsoft’s third quarter results

cloud robert enslin joins google cloud

Google Cloud welcomes Robert Enslin onboard

cloud google cloud launches cloud code

Google Cloud Code will make developing cloud-native apps simpler

cloud accenture acquiring cirruseo

Accenture intent on acquiring Cirruseo

cloud aws infrastructure comes to colombia

AWS is setting up an infrastructure location in Colombia

cloud walmart cloud gaming service

Walmart may be thinking about its own cloud gaming service

cloud moleskine creative cloud paper tablet

Moleskine’s Adobe-powered Paper Tablet is a dedication to artists

cloud google announces stadia gaming service

Google officially announces its Stadia Cloud gaming service

cloud aws to use nvidia t

AWS to use the power of NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs

cloud toyota tests nvidia drive constellation

Toyota and Nvidia to test autonomous vehicles in ‘virtual world’

cloud microsoft open sources compression tech

Microsoft is open-sourcing its compression technology

cloud apple icloud went down

Apple iCloud went down for several hours

cloud microsoft demos project xcloud

Microsoft demos its Project xCloud finally

cloud f  acquires nginx

F5 acquires the popular web server NGINX

cloud microsoft data centers in africa

Africa gets its first Microsoft data centers

cloud google cloud fixed monthly pricing

Google Cloud will come with a fixed monthly pricing now

cloud volkswagen microsoft collaborate

Volkswagen and Microsoft deepen their cloud collaboration

cloud microsoft azure kinect developer kit

Microsoft unveiled ‘revamped’ Azure Kinect Developer Kit at MWC

cloud google cloud speech api updates

Google Cloud’s Speech APIs get cheaper and also smarter

cloud arm launches neoverse products

Arm launches new products for a cloud and edge push

cloud google acquiring alooma

Google intent on buying Alooma

cloud ibm watson in hybrid cloud

IBM Watson is coming to hybrid cloud environments

cloud google salespeople for cloud

Google takes on AWS and Azure with more salespeople

cloud carbonite buys webroot

Carbonite buys Webroot to twin its B2B data protection with security

cloud microsoft purchases datasense platform

Microsoft acquires DataSense to bolster its educational services

cloud google cloud firestore infrastructure

Google’s Cloud Firestore takes full advantage of its powerful Cloud infrastructure

cloud microsoft announces citus data acquisition

Microsoft to strengthen its database story by acquiring Citus Data

cloud oracle data center in canada

Canada gets its first Oracle data center

cloud ibm new cloud deals

IBM announces two major cloud deals

cloud aws acquires tso logic

AWS announces acquisition of TSO Logic, a week after its first

cloud t  gpu on google cloud

Nvidia T4 GPU comes to Google Cloud

cloud salesforce commerce cloud upgrade

Salesforce Commerce Cloud gets an upgrade

cloud verizon testing gaming service

Verizon testing its gaming service

cloud oracle retail xstore cloud

Oracle launches its Retail Xstore Office Cloud service

cloud amazon developing cloud gaming service

Amazon is quietly working on a cloud gaming service, sources reveal

cloud baidu openedge computing platform

Baidu announces a new open source edge computing platform

cloud azure availability zones southeast asia

Microsoft Azure availability zones come to Southeast Asia

cloud amazon elastic inference announced

Amazon Elastic Inference announced at AWS re:Invent

cloud red hat acquired noobaa

IBM-Red Hat-NooBaa deal is all about the hybrid cloud

cloud datascape software released by datacom

Datacom passes its first trial!

cloud amazon terminates oracle software

Amazon is getting ready to dump mighty Oracle software

cloud triggermesh launches new platform

TriggerMesh launches a new Serverless Management Platform

cloud hashicorp raises hundred million

HashiCorp rakes in $100 million in Series D funding

cloud mirantis launches new edge platform

Mirantis launches its new MCP Edge platform

cloud alibaba goes international with baas

Alibaba Cloud’s Blockchain as a service goes global

cloud apple icloud is down

Apple’s iCloud outage affects more than a third of its services

cloud alibaba data centers in uk

Alibaba opens two data centers in the UK

cloud jeff bezos supports jedi project

Bezos’s desire to keep America safe makes him say ‘Yes’ to JEDI

cloud anaplan debuts well in market

Anaplan IPO soars in a bad week for the tech world

cloud google introduces cloud nat

Google announces Cloud NAT to help simplify enterprise networking

cloud adobe integrates magento commerce cloud

Adobe integrates the Magento Commerce Cloud to its Experience Cloud

cloud google steps back from jedi

Google won’t compete for the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI project

cloud microsoft invests in grab taxi

Microsoft helps Grab scale beyond with its services and AI offerings

cloud palo alto networks acquires redlock

RedLock to be acquired by Palo Alto Networks for $173 million

cloud microsoft ignite      is huge

Microsoft Ignite 2018 is massive with plenty of announcements

cloud aws comes to indonesia

Amazon Web Services is coming to Indonesia

cloud intel alibaba for edge computing

Intel is collaborating with Alibaba for a new edge computing platform

cloud plex shuts down cloud

Plex closes the curtain on its cloud services

cloud vmware to acquire cloudhealth

VMware to buy Boston-based CloudHealth for $500 million

cloud alibaba cloud launches new products

Alibaba Cloud wants to increase its influence over the ASEAN countries

cloud google one is cheaper drive

Google One is Google Drive with cheaper storage plans

cloud google cannot win says baidu

Baidu will “win again” if Google returned to China, says Li

cloud amazon dod jedi cloud contract

Amazon close to winning DoD’s JEDI contract

cloud kpmg using google cloud

KPMG reaches out to Google Cloud to improve its services

cloud titan security key firmware

Titan Security Key can enhance your online security

cloud google partners digital asset

Google’s Blockchain Partnerships Will Strengthen its Cloud Services

cloud gcbd icloud data move

China Telecom to host iCloud data

cloud walmart partners microsoft azure

Walmart banking on Microsoft for Cloud edge

cloud google comes to la

Google Cloud comes to LA

cloud microsoft azure wan firewall

Microsoft Azure gets a WAN and a Firewall

cloud salesforce einstein next generation crm

Salesforce announces next generation of its Service Cloud Einstein

cloud european credit mutuel osram

IBM adds six more companies in its partnership portfolio

cloud cloud kubernetes cms

IBM’s Cloud platform to be available on its CMS now

cloud microsoft azure psa enterprise

Pulse Secure arrives on Microsoft Azure

cloud microsoft cloud office    pdf

Adobe announces updates for its Document Cloud

cloud rubrik alta cloud

Rubrik releases Alta 4.2 for better data management

cloud salesforce cloud interaction studio

Salesforce unveils Interaction Studio at Connections 2018

cloud google new gmail gsuite

Gmail Re-painted: Google’s Attempt to Include “Convenience”

cloud ibm blockchain bitcoin cryptocurrency

IBM “Will” Beat Bitcoin Says Sources

cloud ai cloud taiwan

Taiwan Government to get a new AI Cloud Platform

cloud att and google collaborate

AT&T will conjoin Google to connect customers to cloud

cloud marketo ai google cloud

Marketo plans to use Google Cloud’s AI

cloud amazon launches blockchain templates

Amazon launches BaaS with Blockchain Templates

cloud ragingwire adds megaport to cloudconnect

RagingWire uplifts ‘Cloud Connect’ Portfolio

cloud cloud project by sap sberbank

Sberbank and SAP effectuate Russia’s largest cloud project

cloud adobe microsoft azure china cloud partnership

Cloud Partnership between Adobe and Microsoft Azure expands to China

cloud synology introduced c  backup

Synology awes with its cheapest cloud backup system!

cloud microsoft new video game service

Is Microsoft going to provide video games service alike Netflix?

cloud amazon cloud employee training

Amazon Cloud Service’s next venture is Employee Training

cloud salesforce acquire cloudcraze ecommerce solution

Salesforce to Acquire CloudCraze, a Cloud-based E-Commerce Solution

cloud spotify banks upon google cloud

Google competes Spotify in music streaming, but why does Spotify rely somuch on Google’s cloud?

cloud apple icloud on google cloud

Apple uses Google Cloud for its iCloud Services

cloud cinia joined megaport

Cinia and Megaport string along to furnish direct cloud connectivity

cloud oracle cloud datacenter in abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi is looking forward for Oracle’s arrival

cloud oracle introduced eclinical solution

Oracle released a new solution to bring in more drugs to the market

cloud redhat acquired coreos for    m

CoreOS acquired by Red Hat in Kubernetes Expansion

cloud shadow to launch cloud service

Shadow to release new cloud service for gamers in the U.K.

cloud amazon obtained sqrrl

Amazon’s cloud business steps into a new venture

cloud zerostack cloud innovation partner program

ZeroStack announces Cloud Innovation Partner Program

cloud google salesforce unveil product

Google and Salesforce bring out the first launch after Partnership

ai controls in microsoft cloud

Microsoft Azure now has AI-enabled Controls

salesforce containerization from cncf

Salesforce enters Cloud Native Computing Foundation

aws launches cloud

AWS Launches Cloud9, a Browser-based IDE

aws aurora serverless database

Aurora Serverless Database Service from AWS

macafee acquires skyhigh networks

McAfee acquires Skyhigh Networks to boost Cloud Business

fovia launched fast cloud development

Fovia launched F.A.S.T Cloud development

ml solutions lab from aws

ML Solutions Lab from AWS to boost Cloud Customers

ambra shares cloud tools

Ambra offers cloud-based tools to two healthcare industries

amazon debuts cloud storage service

Amazon launched a cloud storage service for U.S. intelligence

google cloud price cut

Price cut in Google Cloud Platform ahead of AWS Conference

microsoft azure for mariadb

Microsoft Joins the MariaDB Foundation

google cloud spanner update

Update on Google Cloud Spanner includes Multi-Region Support

amazon key is idiosyncratic

Amazon key is idiosyncratic!

cloud distributions helps trapx

Cloud Distributions makes a deal with TrapX

red hat announces openstack

Red Hat announces OpenStack 12

vmware acquires velocloud

VMware acquires VeloCloud to go deeper in WAN Networking

microsoft xboxone alpha firmware update

Microsoft’s Xbox One will shortly save your console settings in the Cloud

bt financial group unites bgl corporate

BT Financial group throw in with BGL Corporate Solutions to improve SMSF services

google partnered cisco for hybridcloud

Google and Cisco partner for hybrid cloud

sas viya on saasnow cloud

SAS Viya is now obtainable on cloud via SaasNow

suse server on ibm cloud

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server now coming to the IBM Cloud

googlecloud protects organisations sensitive data

Google Cloud introduces new features to safeguard sensitive data of organizations

cray supercomputers in microsoft azure

Cray Supercomputers come to Microsoft Azure platform

google compute engine offering

Google compute engine offers a monster with up to 96 CPU cores and 624 GB of memory

oracle foresees success in cloud

Oracle is pretty confident about winning cloud wars in the future 

google introduces per second billing

Right on AWS’ heels, Google also introduces per-second billing

mirantis multicloud kubernetes on aws

Mirantis releases Multi-cloud Kubernetes with support for AWS

microsoft helps nonprofits adopt cloud

Microsoft plays a pivotal role in helping nonprofits adopt cloud technology

firms increasingly adopt cloud services

Enterprises pitch into cloud to be more competitive in terms of speed, agility and innovation

microsoft azure adds availability zone

Azure expands footprint with new cloud availability zones

googlecloud adds nvidiagpu support

Google boosts its cloud game with support for more powerful Nvidia GPUs

us air force takes it

US Air Force takes IT to the Cloud

aws introduces per second billing for ec  instances

AWS introduces per second billing for EC2 instances

true to its promise aws offers virtual machines with over  tb memory

True to its promise, AWS offers virtual machines with over 4TB memory

hpe to bolster consulting services with cloud technology partners acquisition

HPE to bolster consulting services with Cloud Technology Partners acquisition

cloudcherry salesforce to work together to enrich customer experience

CloudCherry, Salesforce to work together to enrich customer experience

intel boosts all the tech companies to adopt cloud computing

Intel boosts all the tech companies to adopt cloud computing

chrome enterprise subscription is now available for chrome os

Chrome Enterprise Subscription is now available for Chrome OS