Instagram Introduces Dark Mode for iOS 13 and Android 10


Instagram Introduces Dark Mode for iOS 13 and Android 10

The dark mode feature has been a popular trend in the tech world in recent times. It seems that Instagram is also following the trend. It has now launched dark mode for the iOS 13 and Android 10 users.

Adam Mosser, Head of Instagram revealed in a tweet that the latest dark mode is now available for both Android and iOS users. Currently, the app doesn’t let users toggle the feature within the app itself.

As of now, Instagram’s dark mode is responsive to system settings in Android and iOS. This means that if you have enabled dark mode on your device, the latest update from Instagram will automatically switch the app to a black background with white text.

In order to access the dark mode on your iPhone, Find ‘Settings’ then go to ‘Display’, select ‘Brightness’ and choose Dark. To enable it in your Android device, head over to Settings, then select Display, find ‘Advanced’ and then choose Dark from Device theme menu.

All the major social platforms have introduced dark mode including Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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