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Android can read webpages aloud with Text-to-Speech now


Android can read webpages aloud with Text-to-Speech now

Google Assistant can now read aloud a web article or a text excerpt. To be more specific, Google Assistant on Android devices that have been licensed with GMS (Google Mobile Services) can use text-to-speech now.

The feature works with the official Google app from Google, which generally comes pre-installed on the Android devices. To use it, users willhave to update the app via the Play Store and allow the assistant to scroll through a page. As the assistant reads aloud the webpage, words being read will be highlighted simultaneously.

The users can choose a specific type of voice for the Google Assistant from a range of different voice options. Also, Google Assistant has improved a lot over the past years, due to the long term deep-learning and AI features implemented by Google. Thanks to that, Yossi Matias, VP of Engineering at Google said “the web pages are read aloud in expressive and natural voices.”

For webmasters, if they want to disable the feature on their webpages, they can do this by implementing the “nopagereadaloud tag” on their websites. For those who want this feature on their website need not do anything. It will work on every website by default.For Application developers, to enable it, they need to work with “Actions on Google”, in their apps.

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