Google AI tool can now block malicious Gmail attachments

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Google AI tool can now block malicious Gmail attachments

Google has become the most used email service in the world (more than 1.5 billion users). Since its inception in 2004, Google has been aiming to keep the platform safe and easy to use for consumers. It has been ahead of its competitors in identifying the spam emails and categorizing it further to keep the interface simpler.

Now in order to take its legacy further, Google has deployed its new Deep Learning-based AI tool for identifying malicious attachments in emails. As we know, emails are one of the easiest ways to send attachments, most of the spammers/scammers use it to attach malicious files and links to defraud an individual.

The new AI tool from Google promises to detect malicious files with an accuracy of upto 99.99%. Back in 2017, Google came up with a spam detection tool to detect spam texting Gmail with the same accuracy.

The Gmail scanner tool processes an incredible 300 billion Gmail attachments every single week, looking for malicious documents to block. Out of the malicious documents that are blocked everyday by the tool, Google says that 63% of them keep changing. As the tool is based on “Deep Learning”  it will keep evolving with time, to detect many more types of malicious attachments.

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