Apple introduces new styles for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote


Apple introduces new styles for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Some of Apple’s apps are getting a facelift. Productivity apps- iWork including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote is being updated with a new style. The redesign will be coming to both Mac and iOS applications.

As part of the new redesign, all of these software apps allow users to stylize their text. You can fill it with images or gradients. Or you can also use the new outline styles Apple has released. Apple says that the Face detection technology will provide photos with a better position to help you in placing the shapes, images, and equations. The upgrade allows you to move these in the text boxes that can also be moved along with the text.

On iOS, you have advanced options for formatting and editing charts, tables, and lists. Specifically, on Pages, you have the option to copy and paste entire pages or sections between different documents. If you’re working on a novel, you’ll find new templates.

Moving on to Numbers, there’s a new 128-bit calculation engine that’ll enhance the accuracy in the app. And lastly, with Keynote, even while collaborating on a presentation, you can still edit the master slide. We know that Apple is excited about the iOS 13 and iPadOS release, but these redesigns are still an important design upgrade for Apple.

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