Samsung Galaxy Buds are the truly wireless earphones to beat


Samsung Galaxy Buds are the truly wireless earphones to beat

The $130 Samsung Galaxy Buds are the world’s first-ever truly wireless earphones that you can charge via a smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy S10. However, the earbuds ship with a charging case – which is slightly heavier and longer than the Apple AirPods’.

The alpine-white earphones, with a seamless and sweat-proof design, have reflective, triangular touch-pads in the front. One tap toggles between play and pause, while a double-tap skips ahead a track if you’re listening to music, or answers or ends a call. Three taps take you back a track. The earbuds made from matte-white plastic is wrapped in white rubber material with a little wing that helps secure the bud tightly in your ear canal.

Samsung also remembers to bring in some customization which Android users love the most. A long-press on the outer panel of the earbuds is customizable. You can have it to turn on the Galaxy Bud’s ambient sound mode (enabling speaker audio) or have it adjust the volume. Alternatively, you can also summon a digital assistant of your choice with a long-press. That said, you can even have different long-press actions for the left and right earbuds, or you can turn-off the touch-pads altogether.

The Galaxy Buds, which can be set-up using the Samsung Galaxy Wearable mobile app, offers the most-intriguing feature, called ‘Find My Earbuds’, to help you find it easily. The feature when triggered causes the earbuds to play a loud sound which makes hunting them down far easier. The comfortable pair of earbuds’ star attraction is, however, its strong audio performance, nearly-instantaneous pairing, and great battery life –which is more than 5 hours, says many reviewers.

Arriving alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Buds also comes in two other colors, black and yellow.

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