CancerIQ anticipates your cancer probability

Amazon has a futuristic approach towards healthcare

Google to help DeepMind develop an ‘AI assistant’ to monitor patients

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healthcare google recruits feinberg

Google welcomes a new member to its family

healthcare   point  raises   million

98point6 brings in $50 million in Series C of funding

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healthcare new version of lj    ingredient

HP Ingredients will launch a new version of tongkat ali LJ100 ingredient

healthcare georgia tech developed multifluidic technology

Georgia Tech researchers introduces us to a technology that can control therapeutic cell manufacturing

healthcare blackberry announced new developments

Blackberry announces many developments!

healthcare personalized vitamins by nutrigene

This startup will tell you which vitamins to take

healthcare ai in headspace meditation app

Healthcare and AI blend into the Headspace meditation app

healthcare hp printing drugs for cdc

HP joins CDC’s pilot program to solve the superbug problem

healthcare nyu facebook launch fastmri

NYU and Facebook collaborate for ‘fastMRI’

healthcare deepmind ai detects eye diseases

DeepMind AI project will save people’s eyesight, in the future

healthcare ibm watson unsafe cancer advices

Unsafe Cancer Advice from IBM Watson

healthcare amazon acquires pharmacy pillpack

Amazon’s Acquisition of PillPack is Major Disruption in the Healthcare Market

healthcare microsoft cloud next healthcare

Microsoft Healthcare NExT moves AI-Healthcare to Cloud

healthcare walmart enters healthcare blockchain

Walmart files Patent for Blockchain, Wearable and EHR

healthcare microelectrode arrays printed gums

Sensors printed on Gummy Candies, a breakthrough in Medical Technology

healthcare aparito avoids failing clinical trials

Aparito ‘Can Be of Great Help’ to Pharma Giants and Healthcare Services

healthcare mit rfpose xray vision

“See through the Wall”: MIT’s RF-Pose, X-Ray Vision Technology

healthcare fitbit ace for kids

Fitbit now has a fitness tracker for kids

healthcare technology fight opioid overdosage

Opioid Epidemic: Technology Helping Pharmacies to Track and Tackle

healthcare ai darwin ecosystem cognitive

Darwin Ecosystem to help people with speech impediments communicate

healthcare blockchain healthcare fight fraud

Blockchain and Healthcare: The Future, “Healthy Fight” against Fraud

healthcare fundamental vr training surgeons

VR, now assisting trainee surgeons!

healthcare robin healthcare ai voice assistant

Robin Healthcare released a device to assist doctors and clinicians

healthcare  d printed artificial cornea

A highly advanced 3D printed artificial cornea is creating history

healthcare ai detect wrist fractures

AI tools that detect wrist fractures get FDA approval

healthcare  d printing industry accolodates  dsystems

The new NextDent 5100 success is acknowledged by 3D Printing Industry

healthcare ai allen integrated cell cancer

The Allen Integrated Cell helps to understand cancer better

healthcare da vinci robot spinal surgery

Da Vinci, a surgical robot conducts the first ever spinal surgery

healthcare microsoft to launch ai programme

Microsoft to roll out AI programme for disabilities

healthcare human food healthy bar

“Human Food” is the new healthy bar in lieu of your meal

healthcare chip to overcome alcohol abuse

This tiny chip can be of huge help to evade alcohol abuse

healthcare computer glasses for healthy lifestyle

Computer glasses can be one of the reasons for your healthy lifestyle

healthcare jp morgan towards healthcare enhancement

JP Morgan, Amazon, Berkshire collaborate to enhance healthcare

healthcare mayo clinic and mytonomy collaborate

Mayo Clinic and Mytonomy associate to enhance oncology patient experience

healthcare aws for medsphere carevue

Medsphere System’s CareVue moves to AWS Cloud

healthcare collective healthcare raises funds

Collective Health raises $110 million

healthcare boston children join with trinetx

Boston Children’s associated with TriNetX network to elevate clinical trials

healthcare righteye vision issue detection

RightEye Detects Vision Issues by Looking into Your Eyes!

healthcare crispr to detect treat virus

Researchers use CRISPR tools to detect infections like HPV and ALS

healthcare dna nanorobots kill cancer tumors

Curing Cancer: New DNA Nanorobots can Kill Cancer Tumors

healthcare hongkong can expect bigdata platform

Hong Kong to soon release a new big data platform to peruse medical record!

healthcare y combinator launches ycbio

Y-Combinator pitches for YC Bio for Healthspan

cvs health acquires aetna

CVS Health acquires Insurance Company – Aetna

amazon and cerner healthcare

Amazon and Cerner team up for Healthcare Data

thrive capital funds welkin health

Welkin Health raises $8 million from Thrive Capital

concrn for your mental health

Concrn for your mental health

medbit healthcare for africa

Medbit healthcare for Africa

briankalis says healthcare needs ai

An IT expert in health depicts why Artificial intelligence is a must in healthcare

smart bandage hydrogel microcontroller

Make way, the Smart Bandage is here

automated telemedicine gyant

Automated telemedicine will change the way of diagnosis

a pen could detect cancer in just    seconds

A Pen could detect Cancer in just 10 seconds!

crispr edits human embryo raises concern

CRISPR edits human embryo; Raises concern

webmd acquired by internet brands

WebMD acquired by Internet Brands

 d printer gets your heart pumping

3D Printer gets your Heart Pumping

the orcam myeye gives you the power to see

The OrCam MyEye gives you the power to see

cancer patients get a breather through mendel ai

Cancer patients get a breather through Mendel.ai

hololens comes to the operation theater

HoloLens comes to the Operation Theater

ziplines drone delivers blood in remote rwanda

Zipline’s Drone Delivers Blood in remote Rwanda

microsofts watch emma helps people with parkinsons disease

Microsoft’s Watch Emma helps People with Parkinson’s disease

no more organ transplant breakthrough in  d printing

No more Organ Transplant, Breakthrough in 3D Printing

triggr health helps you come out of addiction

Triggr Health helps you come out of Addiction

apples advances toward healthcare technology

Apple’s advances toward Healthcare Technology

human longevity predicts your future health

Human Longevity predicts your Future Health

a friendly bot that fights depression

A Friendly Bot that Fights Depression

genetic diseases are curable says crispr

Genetic Diseases are Curable, says CRISPR

googles ai eye doctor helps detect vision loss

Google’s AI Eye Doctor helps detect vision loss

ai and its predictions

AI and its Predictions