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Drunk and distracted driving? Volvo will take care of that

USD 27 million raised by COPIA Agro and Food Technologies Fund

Check out the Google Game Controller for Stadia streaming service

Featured News

it services apple imac intel amd update

New Intel processors and AMD GPUs for Apple iMac update

it services usa exascale supercomputer aurora

First ever Exascale Supercomputer built in America by 2021

More News

it services robo spam calls are coming

Robots are calling, be careful with what calls you receive

it services snapchat gaming platform

Snapchat’s gaming platform coming soon

it services internet archive preserve google plus

As Google+ shuts down, the Internet Archive tries to preserve it

it services robots in tokyo olympics

Robots lined up to assist spectators at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

it services china subway facial recognition tickets

Facial recognition for subway tickets in China

it services www turns    years

Going down the memory lane with 30 years of WWW

it services microsoft updates seeing ai

Seeing AI’s new update offers ‘more detailed’ image descriptions

it services google patents game controller

Possible new game controller from Google

it services polyai tech for contact centers

PolyAI’s AI agents may enter contact centers in the near future

it services leica q  best compact camera

The unlikely-affordable Leica’s Q2 is the best compact camera yet

it services tesla upgrades supercharger

Tesla’s Supercharger gets a faster upgrade

it services waymo to sell lidar sensors

Businesses not in self-driving space can buy Waymo’s LiDAR tech

it services matterport  d imaging platform

Matterport rakes in fresh investments for its 3D imaging platform

it services fuell electric vehicle

Fuell electric motorcycle and bikes from Harley-Davidson engineer

it services mit launches cheetah robot

MIT’s Mini Cheetah can leap back and land smoothly!

it services lime scooters in more cities

Google Maps show Lime scooters and bikes in more cities

it services spectre for long exposures photography

Apple iPhone users offered ‘Spectre’ for slow-shutter photography

it services veo gets robot workers

Veo Robotics gets ready to welcome robot workers

it services robots build robot science museum

Robots will construct the Robot Science Museum in Seoul

it services open ai text generator unpublished

OpenAI’s AI text-generator creates convincing disinformation

it services apple acquires ai startup pullstring

Apple acquires PullString to bolster its efforts to improve Siri

it services google investing heavily in us

Google to invest $13 billion in the US this year

it services ford conveyor belt bed

Ford makes a unique bed with a conveyor belt

it services microsoft backs washington state bill

Microsoft has backed a Washington state bill to regulate facial-recognition software

it services micro workers in google project maven

Micro workers will train Google’s Project Maven AI

it services self aware robots are for real

Self-aware machines are getting closer to reality

it services amazon funds computer classes

Amazon funds high school computer classes in New York City

it services argo ai california tests

Argo AI to test its self-driving technology in California

it services unity technologies designed ai game

Unity Technologies created a video game for AI agents

it services samsung future sustainable packing

Samsung goes green with sustainable packaging

it services robots deliver to university students

George Mason University students experience next level of delivery!

it services google fined for violating gdpr

Google fined by France for ‘interpreting the GDPR laws differently’

it services facebook funds ai ethics research

Facebook and TUM partner for an AI ethics research push

it services uber autonomous bikes scooters

Uber to expand its autonomous technology to two-wheeled services

it services researchers introduced advanced robot

The researchers from three universities rolled out a tuning system

it services orcam myme smart camera

OrCam MyMe’s mission is to “make AI a companion for humans”

it services giant food stores released marty

Giant Food Stores created a googly-eyed robot

it services microsoft working on foldable devices

Microsoft will be part of foldable revolution

it services japan hotel layoff robots

Mass robots layoff at Japan’s famous robot hotel

it services ai tool detects ovarian cancer

Scientists have finally found a way to detect ovarian cancer in women!

it services wilkinson baking company introduces breadbot

Meet BreadBot! U.S. staple food will now be served hot

it services samsung robots at ces

Samsung showcases its robotics skills at CES

it services wikepedia uses google translate

Google Translate aides Wikipedia to access more languages

it services amd radeon vii graphic card

AMD redefines graphics cards with Radeon VII

it services ellcie healthy smart ai eyewear

Ellcie Healthy’s eyewear is designed to prevent you from falling asleep

it services google assistant alexa in samsung tv

Samsung TVs in 2019 will have Google Assistant and Alexa

it services resolve trailguard ai camera

Resolve’s Anti-poaching TrailGuard cams got much better and thinner

it services asus classroom chrome os tablet

Classrooms welcome the first ever Chrome OS tablet by Asus

it services volkswagen charging stations for ev

Electric Vehicles will get charging stations from Volkswagen

it services retailers adopt artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is waking up retailers from sleep!

it services tesla announces new directors

Oracle’s Ellison and Walgreen’s Kathleen make it to the Tesla Board

it services toyota builds human support robot

Toyota aims to put robots in every home, probably worldwide too

it services yuanfudao raises     million

Tencent leads $300M funding round for online tutoring firm Yuanfudao

it services shape shifting drones for rescue missions

University of Zurich develop the future of rescue missions

it services wolfram alpha makes alexa smarter

Alexa gets smarter with Wolfram Alpha

it services google lens recognizes many things

Nearly a billion things can be recognized by Google Lens

it services facial recognition app aids burgerfi

BurgerFi gives all credits to ‘facial recognition technology’

it services google halts dragonfly following protests

Google halts Dragonfly following internal rifts over the controversial project

it services apple hires andrew kim designer

Apple continues hiring streak – hires ex-Tesla designer Andrew Kim

it services kiwibots software monitors batteries

KiwiBots are getting custom software to monitor battery state

it services robinhood checking savings feature scrapped

‘Checking and Savings’ feature on Robinhood scrapped

it services hyperloop startup arrivo closes

Arrivo shuts down with massive layoffs

it services us office granted lyft patent

Lyft’s patent on a notification system for autonomous vehicles gets approved

it services amazon alexa connects local business

Use Alexa to connect with local business

it services googles ai platform for journalists

Google will offer a new platform for journalists

it services cimon ai robot in space

CIMON is the new AI robot ‘crew member’ at ISS

it services ozark and nixa win the competition

Ozark and Nixa robotics teams win FIRST LEGO League

it services aws announces blockchain products

Amazon unveils two new AWS blockchain products at re:Invent

it services dji osmo pocket camera

DJI launches new 4K footage camera Osmo Pocket

it services amazon offers its ml courses

Amazon’s internal machine learning courses are now open to all

it services bitcoin tax payment in ohio

Use Bitcoin to pay your taxes: State of Ohio

it services apple to release a dongle

Will Apple counter Google Chromecast and Amazon with its low priced dongle?

it services chinese facial recognition makes mistake

Chinese Facial Recognition system mistakes bus poster as jaywalker

it services instagram removes fake likes follows

Fake likes and follows will be removed: Instagram

it services google adds portrait depth

Portrait Depth Editing comes to iOS from Google Photos

it services autodesk design nasa interplanetary lander

Autodesk’s AI software helped NASA design spider-like interplanetary lander

it services control volkswagen car with siri

Own a Volkswagen car? Control it with Siri!

it services lime scooters break apart

Lime recalls its electric scooters as they started to fall apart

it services manus robots behave like animals

Manus robots understand your intentions through body language

it services walmart builds ai labs

AI labs pop up in Walmart stores

it services google ai digitize nyt photos

NYT seek Google’s help to digitize and sort historical photos

it services furhat robotics releases interesting robot

Make way for this new humanoid social robot

it services samsung open bixby to third party

Samsung opens up Bixby to third-party apps and devices

it services mit drones rescue without gps

A fleet of MIT drones can rescue hikers without GPS

it services currant smart outlet uses ai

Currant unveils a Smart Outlet that uses AI to save power

it services ai lie detector questions travelers

Travelers to EU countries will be questioned by an AI agent

it services waymo tests cars in california

Waymo gets a green signal to test autonomous cars in California

it services pizza hut partners with toyota

Pizza Hut ties up with Toyota for robotic Tundra Pie Pro

it services dji releases mavic   enterprise

Mavic 2 Enterprise drone from DJI can search and rescue

it services google launches a new initiative

Google launches its $25 million “Google AI Impact Challenge”

it services aandk introduces floor cleaning robot

Robots don’t take away your job, they ease your job

it services removed child nudity content

Facebook’s new AI tool removed 8.7 million images of child nudity

it services massrobotics shake hands with masscec

MassRobotics and MassCEC associate to couple clean energy and water sectors

it services lyft acquires blue vision labs

Lyft acquires Blue Vision Labs to help build high-res maps

it services amazon and ice officials meet

Amazon continued to push its facial recognition software to law enforcement

it services ford is welcomed at washington

Ford to test its self-driving cars in Washington, D.C. in 2019

it services musk announces hyperloop tunnel opening

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Test Tunnel is coming to life at SpaceX site

it services jaunt moves vr to ar

Jaunt VR film company moves from VR to AR

it services honeywell associates with fetch robotics

Honeywell and Fetch Robotics to deliver self-governing mobile robots to distribution centers

it services intel rolls royce for autonomous ships

Intel and Rolls-Royce partner for the next big thing: Self-sailing ships

it services audi huawei build autonomous cars

Audi teams up with Huawei for autonomous cars

it services boston dynamics unveils atlas robot

Atlas humanoid robot of Boston Dynamics now does a parkour

it services servicenow acquires friendlydata

ServiceNow acquires startup company FriendlyData for its “friendly” interfaces

it services lime releases electric bikes

Lime Green electric bikes and scooters for a better world

it services huawei unveils ai chips

Huawei takes on Qualcomm, Nvidia with its new AI-powered chips

it services alexa on anki vector robot

Access Alexa on Anki’s Vector robots

it services microsoft tests game streaming

Microsoft to get into game streaming with Project xCloud

it services irobot rolls out i  plus

We will keep your home pristine, says i7+

it services ev batteries for mercedes alabama

Alabama welcomes production of EV batteries for Mercedes

it services rethink robotics shuts down

Bid adieu to the builder of collaborative robots: Rethink Robotics

it services aeva  d lidar system

Aeva’s 4D LIDAR system for self-driving cars also measures the velocity

it services doj files lawsuit opposing california

DOJ under Trump administration challenges California’s net neutrality laws

it services tencent to restructure its operations

Tencent initiating a corporate restructuring

it services musk sued by us sec

Musk-less Tesla has no future, thinks shareholders of the car company

it services leica unveils s  dslr camera

Leica announces its next S camera model, Leica S3 DSLR

it services google helps india predict disasters

Google’s AI will help India detect ‘impending’ natural disasters

it services google search gets revamped

Google’s “Future of Search” was all AI and learning

it services microsoft dynamics     ai launched

Microsoft makes an AI difference to its Dynamics 365 products

it services amd ryzen   w laptop chips

Ryzen 45W laptop chips are AMD’s answer to Intel

it services delfly nimble are insect robots

Robots that fly like insects? The DelFly Nimble robots deliver that!

it services us invests in ai weaponry

U.S. weaponry is getting AI for $2billion, announces The Pentagon

it services one armed robot by mit researchers

One-armed robot developed by MIT researchers is on the ball

it services canon eosr camera launch

Canon challenges all ‘mirrorless’ predecessors with its EOS R camera

it services intel  gen core processors

Intel launches 8th-gen Core Processors

it services toyota uber for autonomous cars

Toyota and Uber to unveil Autono-Maas vehicles in 2021

it services sony aibo consumer robotics

Aibo is Sony’s ‘capability of innovation’ in consumer robotics

it services humans beat openai at dota

Humans take down OpenAI’s bots at Dota 2

it services talla intelligent knowledge base

Boston based Talla comes out with Intelligent Knowledge Base 2.0

it services insta    pro  shoots  dvideos

Insta360 Pro 2 with 6 cameras shoots 360° panoramas

it services google assistant delivers good news

Google Assistant will now give you ‘Good News’

it services apple plans macbooks upgrade

Apple’s new releases, this fall, may greatly surprise the Mac fans

it services volareo decentralized smart speaker

Volareo is not another Echo; it’s a ‘blockchain’ smart speaker

it services vector pet robot from anki

Anki ‘kickstarts’ Cozmo’s successor, the Vector pet robot

it services google lost   m to epic games

Google’s battle with Epic Games costs it a $50 million

it services apple rehires doug field

Apple might be reviving its ‘Project Titan’ car project

it services aurora night vision camera

Lights Camera Action! SiOnyx Aurora, the world’s first day/night camera

it services nikon fullframe mirrorless camera

Check out Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless camera

it services laowa probe macro videography

Weird but revolutionary Laowa Probe lens for macro videography

it services centauro robot helps lives

Centauro, the six-limbed robot will save lives in the future

it services amazon rekognition fails aclu

Amazon facial surveillance technology faces backlash after failing ACLU test

it services robotic cockroach save lives

Harvard’s New Robotic Cockroach, HAMR Can Walk on Water

it services france atos buys syntel

France’s Atos is buying Syntel

it services amazon part finder vision technology

Amazon uses Partpic’s Computer Vision Technology in its iOS App

it services anyvision body facial recognition

AI startup AnyVision is all about Body and Facial Recognition

it services origami trap explore ocean

Robots in Ocean help study Marine Life: RAD, the “Soft Trap”

it services canon nikon biometric sensors

Canon and Nikon to add Fingerprint Sensors to Cameras

it services self learning robotics bionic hands

A New Generation of Prosthetic Limbs: Self-learning Bionic Hands

it services microsoft facial recognition ice

Microsoft’s Facial Recognition is Not Part of its Contract with ICE

it services mantech and dod it contract

ManTech scores DoD contract worth almost a billion

it services new app for waste management

New app to help out with Waste Management

it services cryptocurrency exchange billion dollars

Binance to clock a billion in net profits for 2018

it services drawthis ai camera for doodles

“Draw This” is Quick, Draw! – but this time, it’s a Camera

it services iphonex studio quality portraits

iPhone X shoots ‘Studio-Quality Portraits’, confirms Regulator

it services duplex voice call centers

Google’s Duplex is “Artificial Voice” Assistant – Can Irrupt to Call Centers

it services light smartphones have   cameras

Light’s Smartphone with 9 Cameras Ready to be Unveiled this year

it services deepmind bots play quake iii

AI Bots are now winning the Gaming World – DeepMind Bots

it services facebook acquires bloomsbury ai

Facebook Plans to Acquire Bloomsbury AI to Combat Fake News

it services niantics pokemon go got a fix

Pokemon Go can really Go ‘Everywhere’ now: Niantic-Matrix Mill’s New Fix

it services    px removes creative commons licensing

500px will no longer be the same, Creative Commons banished

it services honda stops robot asimo

Honda’s Asimo Robot No More, Company Ceases Production for Better

it services us army uptake ai prediction

US Army Recruits AI Assistant to Monitor Combat Vehicles

it services microsoft facial recognition women

Microsoft’s Facial Recognition Technology Got ‘Better’ for Women and the Dark-skinned

it services portrait mode against real camera

Portrait Mode in Smartphone Cameras is Cheap Trick for Professional Photography

it services cloudsight support bitcoin ai payment

CloudSight to support Bitcoin Lightning

it services adobe produces photoshopping antidotes

Sort Fact from Fiction, Adobe to use AI to identify Photoshopped Images

it services dell motorola hpe backs ice

Microsoft is not alone with ICE, other top firms came together

it services alto odyssey hits to android

Alto’s Odyssey is Free for Android Players, Ready to hit Play Store Next Month

it services facebook ai open eyes

New Facebook AI to open closed eyes!

it services deepmind develops  d from  d

DeepMind for 3-D, from 2-D Images to Perceiving the Real World

it services luminar volvo selfdriving car  d

Volvo’s Self Driving Cars Can Now See Surroundings in 3-D with Luminar

it services didi ride sharing australia

DiDi Chuxing enters Australia on a global offensive

it services tara ai for freelancers

AI Can Even Help Hire: Matching Companies to the Best Freelancers

it services hailo deep learning

Hailo raises $12.5 Million in series A funding

it services ai helps preserve wildlife

AI to the Rescue of Wildlife

it services qualcomm chip ar vr headsets

Qualcomm launches a chip adaptable to AR/VR headsets

it services google mobile arcore in china

Google ARCore is available in China

it services qualcomm snapdragon     chip

A new powerful Snapdragon 710 Chip from Qualcomm

it services nvidia training robots

Nvidia researchers train robots by observing humans

it services carnegie mellon ai degree

The first-ever AI-focused degree offered by Carnegie Mellon

it services cisco acquires accompany

Cisco acquires Accompany – a business intelligence startup

it services virgin hyperloop dp world cargospeed

Virgin Hyperloop One and DP World partner to launch DP World Cargospeed

it services mercedes to release eqs

What is in store from Mercedes-Benz by 2020?

it services bmw launches shadow edition

BMW releases Shadow Edition following 3-Series

it services smashwords and findaway audiobooks

Smashwords and Findaway team-up to produce Cheaper Audiobooks

it services tesla model   siri communicate

Tesla Model 3 and Siri Communicate with each other

it services apple ibm machine learning partnership

Apple and IBM partner together for Machine Learning

it services amazon debit cards shopping mexico

Amazon launched Shopping Debit Cards in Mexico

it services evernote uses ai workflow

Evernote uses Artificial Intelligence for better Workflow

it services california right to repair bill

Right to Repair Bill to come to California?

it services google g suite activity dashboard

New Activity Dashboard on Google’s G Suite

it services google learn machine leaning ai

Machine Learning and AI Courses from Google with ‘Learn’

it services esports fan info fanai

ESports teams invest in Fan AI for fan information

it services microsoft mixer direct purchase games

‘Direct Purchase’ from Microsoft Mixer lets viewers buy games directly from Livestream

it services sony ai taxi japan

You can expect AI-powered taxis from Sony soon

it services microsoft hololens for rent now

Microsoft HoloLens for Rent now!

it services qualcomm rejects broadcom    b

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom’s $121 billion takeover offer

it services motion stills google ar stickers

Motion Stills app on Android now has AR Stickers from Google

it services broadcom raising takeover bid for qualcomm

Broadcom Raising Takeover Bid for Qualcomm

it services consistent personality for facebook chatbots

‘Consistent Personality’ for Facebook’s chatbots

it services google france ai center

Google is boosting its AI Research Center in France

it services microsoft laptops for schools

Cheap Laptops and Tools for schools from Microsoft

it services avaya forms avaya cloud

Avaya divulged its new cloud based platform organisation- Avaya Cloud

it services dish works with google

Dish is teaming up with Google Home and Assistant

wizeline expands to southeast asia

Wizeline stretches its outsourced IT services business into southeast Asia

google chrome autoplay mute

You can now Mute Autoplay on Google Chrome

google shuts chrome apps

Mac and Windows no longer have Chrome Apps

nvidia star wars graphics card

Nvidia is creating a Star Wars Graphics Card

qualcomm to announce snapdragon

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC to make an announcement

microsoft sonar websites tool

Microsoft Sonar helps you with your Website’s Performance and Security

amazon alexa on sonos device

Alexa sounds great on the new Sonos speaker

instaclustr offers opensource as a service platform

Instaclustr is offering Managed Open Source-as-a-Service Platform

mongodb files for ipo

MongoDB has filed for an IPO

vmware forges container partnership with google and pivotal

VMware forges container partnership with Google and Pivotal

mongodb has filed for ipo confidentially

MongoDB has filed for IPO confidentially

red hats quarterly openshift update brings new service catalog

Red Hat’s quarterly OpenShift update brings new service catalog

box pre packages content for developers

Box pre-packages content for developers

kaspersky bends to federal will agrees to handover source code

Kaspersky bends to Federal will; Agrees to handover Source Code

snap map one step closer to reality with new patent from drop

Snap Map one step closer to reality with new patent from Drop

facebook takes on chatbots again with discover

Facebook takes on Chatbots Again with Discover

whatsapp ramps up visual interface adds filters albums and reply shortcuts

Whatsapp ramps up visual interface; adds filters, albums and reply shortcuts

charge up with quick charge   by qualcomm

Charge up with Quick Charge 4+ by Qualcomm

ibm chips in

IBM Chips in

google ibm and lyft team up to launch istio an open source platform to manage microservices

Google, IBM and Lyft team up to launch Istio, an open source platform to manage microservices

the blind and the deaf can enjoy the television content in real time without any intermediaries

The blind and the deaf can enjoy the television content in real time without any intermediaries

we are creating realistic adult avatars serving as virtual assistants soul machine

“We are creating realistic adult avatars serving as virtual assistants”; Soul Machine

get ready to be paid for microsofts online gaming xbox

Get ready to be paid for Microsoft’s online gaming Xbox

no hydrogen car in      says raj nair

No Hydrogen Car in 2017; says Raj Nair

google unveils its vision for the future of ar and vr and its ambitious

Google unveils its vision for the future of AR and VR and It’s ambitious

instagram clones snapchats last standalone feature snaps selfie masks

Instagram clones Snapchat's last standalone feature, Snap's Selfie Masks

you can take your car for a ride effortlessly all because of googles new android in the car innovation

You can take your car for a ride effortlessly, all because of Google’s new Android in the Car innovation

amd is ready to end nvidias reign with new line of gpus and apu

AMD is ready to end NVIDIA's reign with new line of GPU's and APU

move over siri google is here

Move over Siri! Google is here

lyft fills its missing link launches standalone app for drivers

Lyft fills its missing link; launches standalone app for drivers

zenimax sues samsung over gear vr

Zenimax sues Samsung over Gear VR

waymo teams up with lyft amid uber uproar

Waymo teams up with Lyft amid Uber uproar

sha   certificates are finally obsolete

SHA-1 certificates are finally obsolete

google make changes in adsense to increase more ad transparency for publishers

Google make changes in AdSense to increase more ad transparency for publishers

cisco to acquire ai startup mindmeld

Cisco to acquire AI startup MindMeld

paperspace targets data scientists with new gpu powered virtual machines

Paperspace targets data scientists with new GPU powered Virtual Machines

now parents can control their kids financially by new app called visa debit card

Now, parents can control their kids financially by new app called ‘Visa debit card’

google chrome is adding  up more features for offline reading

Google chrome is adding- up more features for offline reading

amazon echo show alexa is coming to a screen

Amazon Echo Show: Alexa is coming to a Screen!

is there a concert this week just ask google

Is there a concert this week? Just ask Google!

nvidia to train        developers on ai

NVIDIA to train 100,000 developers on AI

verizon launches sdp service to tackle cyber attacks

Verizon Launches SDP Service to tackle Cyber Attacks

deloittes acquisition of strut digital fosters tech transformation in implementing solutions and services

Deloitte’s acquisition of ‘Strut digital’ fosters tech transformation in implementing solutions and services

facebook to make a debut in premium tv shows in june

Facebook to make a debut in Premium TV Shows in June

elon musks spacex is planning to launch broadband through satellite by

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is planning to launch broadband through satellite by 2019

bored of waiting for a reply in messenger have you played instant games yet

Bored of waiting for a reply in messenger? Have you played Instant Games yet?

still long way to go ultimate edition linux

Still Long Way to go Ultimate Edition Linux

data giant oracle teams up with linkedin for new product integration

Data Giant Oracle Teams Up With LinkedIn for New Product Integration

facebook rejects codes form female engineers

Facebook rejects codes form female engineers

tired of scrolling down to find your favorite chats in whatsapp

Tired of scrolling down to find your favorite chats in WhatsApp?

ok google its time to plug in the headphones permanently

Ok Google, it’s time to plug in the headphones permanently

cisco adds sd wan startup viptela to its acquisitions for     million

Cisco adds SD-WAN startup Viptela to its acquisitions for $610 million

nintendo releases  ds xl a handheld portable gaming system

Nintendo releases 2DS XL, a handheld portable gaming system

forget the mobile battery chargers for a while

Forget the mobile battery chargers for a while

facebook permit rights for content owners to assert on appropriate videos

Facebook permit rights for content owners to assert on appropriate videos

musk new company brings humans more closely to technology

Musk new company brings humans more closely to technology!

shoot like you have six cameras with gopros new addictive spherical camera fusion

Shoot like you have six cameras with GoPro’s new addictive spherical camera “Fusion”

nasas cassini spacecraft will make its final dive into saturn after its    year of space exploration

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will make its final dive into Saturn after its 20 year of space exploration

samsung created a new app with emojis to help aphasia patients to communicate

Samsung created a new app with emojis to help Aphasia patients to communicate

just ask  amazons talkative ai assistant is now available for users

‘Just Ask’- Amazon’s Talkative AI assistant is now available for users

apple has a new goal to accomplish end mining and use only recycled materials

Apple has a new goal to accomplish: end mining and use only recycled materials

gone are the days of typing with fingers facebook is ready to translate your thoughts into words

Gone are the days of typing with fingers, Facebook is ready to translate your thoughts into words

mindmaze brings a gentler and more emotive touch to virtual reality

MindMaze brings a gentler and more emotive touch to Virtual Reality

uber under deep deep waters as president quits amid the ruckus

Uber under deep, deep waters as President quits amid the ruckus

now you can find nba and nhl updates directly through google search

Now, you can find NBA and NHL updates directly through Google search

trouble bubble for goggle in russia ends as they comply with an agreement

Trouble bubble for Goggle in Russia ends as they comply with an agreement

microsoft edge incorporates new features to windows

Microsoft Edge incorporates new features to Windows 10

microsoft plans to call off vista

Microsoft plans to call off Vista

hold on amateur artists googles ai algorithm can make you artistic

Hold on amateur artists; Google’s AI Algorithm can make you artistic

tech biggie google is considering a whopping investment in lgs oled technology for its pixel phones

Tech Biggie Google is Considering a Whopping Investment in LG’s OLED Technology for its Pixel Phones

japan scientists are aiming to drill earths mantle through chikyu an undersea drilling ship

Japan scientists are aiming to drill earth’s mantle through ‘Chikyu’ an undersea drilling ship

google is allegedly accused of paying enormously less when compared to men

Google is allegedly accused of paying enormously less when compared to men!

the rumored details dont make microsofts upcoming surface pro   look promising

The rumored details don’t make Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 5 look promising.

nokia partners with uts rapido lab to promote iot based business applications on high speed technologies

Nokia partners with UTS Rapido lab to promote IoT based business applications on high speed technologies

new pebble update allows watches to work after fitbits acquisition

New Pebble update allows watches to work after Fitbit’s acquisition

now drones can land like helicopters and fly long distance like planes

Now drones can land like Helicopters and fly long distance like Planes

googles new tech systems can differentiate between the online contents

Google’s new tech systems can differentiate between the online contents

after the candy crush saga hit kings stockholm studio is working on activisions call of duty game

After the Candy Crush Saga hit, King’s Stockholm studio is working on Activision’s Call of Duty game

microsofts latest console codenamed xbox scorpio is all set to be revealed this week

Microsoft’s latest console, codenamed Xbox Scorpio, is all set to be revealed this week

intel aims to democratize ai through its educational programme

Intel aims to democratize AI through its educational programme

tech leviathan microsoft opens its first iot and ai lab in europe

Tech Leviathan, Microsoft Opens Its First IoT and AI Lab in Europe

tech giant apples app store now rebuffing apps with reference price

Tech giant Apple’s App Store now rebuffing apps with reference price

are you up for samsungs new galaxy s  flagship that promises better investment than iphone

Are you up for Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 Flagship that promises better investment than iphone?

netflix is rolling out its offline streaming feature for windows    users

Netflix is rolling out its offline streaming feature for Windows 10 users.

android outshines windows by becoming the worlds most admired os

Android outshines Windows by becoming the world’s most admired OS

caf x artisanal coffee and automated technology

Café X: Artisanal Coffee and Automated Technology

kaist comes up with new tech in controlling turtle moves through human mind

KAIST comes up with new tech in controlling Turtle moves through Human mind

intel corporation opens up about its    nano technology

Intel Corporation opens up about its 10-Nano Technology

proposing a safer friendly environment for robots

Proposing a safer friendly environment for Robots

elons new creation neuralink integrates chips in human brains to get closer with ai

Elon’s new creation ‘Neuralink’ integrates chips in Human brains to get closer with AI

automatic yield the first successful technical approach to content and revenue management

Automatic Yield, the first successful technical approach to content and revenue management

adobe springs new cloud platform called adobe experience cloud

Adobe Springs New Cloud Platform Called Adobe Experience Cloud

android os support comes to intels  d realsense camera

Android OS support comes to Intel’s 3D RealSense Camera

now google has its own vr cardboard to take on facebooks oculus

Now Google has its own VR “Cardboard” to take on Facebook’s “Oculus”

pc makers toshiba fujitsu and vaio considering a massive merger

PC makers Toshiba, Fujitsu and Vaio considering a massive merger

ford offers apples siri eyes free for its sync equipped cars

Ford offers Apple’s Siri Eyes free for its Sync equipped cars

mozilla dumps google and embraces yahoo

Mozilla dumps Google and embraces Yahoo

 the new internet technology li fi is     times faster than wi fi

The New internet Technology “Li-Fi” is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

a new reason to use smartphones at a retail store

A New reason to use Smartphones at a Retail store

microsoft and volvo team up to give virtual showroom experience

Microsoft and Volvo team up to give virtual showroom experience

nintendo postpones launch of video game service shares drop    percent

Nintendo postpones launch of Video Game Service- Shares Drop 10%

apple pay is getting a rival from jp morgan chase

Apple Pay is getting a rival from JP Morgan Chase

amino will find you an experienced doctor

Amino will find you an Experienced Doctor