Won’t work with Apple says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Facebook works on “Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking”

Facebook needs a regulatory body, says the UK government

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opinion huawei founder challenges the us

The US  doesn’t mean the world to us, says Huawei founder

opinion google microsoft against bad ai

Bad AI can harm our brands say Google and Microsoft

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opinion investors against sale of rekognition

Shareholders demand Amazon to stop selling Rekognition to government agencies

opinion government shutdown affects security

Government shutdown and reduced capabilities of a great country

opinion microsoft cortana assistant boost

“Cortana isn’t a competitor for Alexa or Assistant,” Satya Nadella

opinion ai predictions

Artificial Intelligence can be ‘everywhere’ in 2019; Example – Google

opinion future of self driving cars

Self-driving cars: Smooth roads or roadblock ahead?

opinion jeff bezos space travel

“Let’s travel and tour the space next year,” Jeff Bezos

opinion benioff believes tech needs change

‘It’s time to transform,’ says Marc Benioff

opinion facebook privacy feature launch postponed

What happened to Facebook’s big privacy feature?

opinion facebook in

How will Facebook fare in 2019?

opinion ai iot threat to security

AI, IoT, and Quantum Computing are emerging ‘threats’ – the U.S.

opinion musk does not respect sec

‘I do not respect the SEC,’ Musk

opinion pichai defends google dragonfly project

“We will be very thoughtful as we progress,” – Pichai, on Dragonfly

opinion youtube fights eu copyright directive

Complying with EU’s new copyright directive is a huge “financial risk”

opinion googlers not satisfied with pichai

There’s more work to be done, says Google employees to Pichai

opinion google employees protest against inequality

Google employees’ worldwide walkout; set an example in the tech industry

opinion youtube ceo against article

YouTube CEO urges YouTubers to join the #SaveYourInternet campaign

opinion pichai speaks about project dragonfly

Pichai speaks about Google’s super-controversial project in China

opinion darpa allen institute builds ai

AI2 is ‘AI with common sense’, says DARPA and Allen Institute

opinion china will be sap biggest future market

China set to be SAP’s biggest market in the near future

opinion christie auctions ai art

Christie’s will reveal if the art market is ready to embrace AI

opinion self driving technology is struggling

Self-driving technology – A far-fetched dream?

opinion tim cook defends iphones pricing

Is splurging on an iPhone justified?

opinion hrl develops technology teaching brains

‘Upload’ knowledge to your brain using head caps developed by HRL

opinion jack ma cannot deliver   million jobs

Jack Ma to not deliver the promised 1 Million Jobs

opinion spacex announces dearmoon project

I choose to go to the Moon, with artists, says Maezawa at SpaceX

opinion morse code infused gboard

“It simply makes life livable,” Google-Finlayson’s Morse code infused Gboard

opinion sergey brin google cryptocurrency blockchain

Sergey Brin thinks Google missed the Blockchain bus

opinion adobe ceo customer experience

“Reality of today is that experiences rise above everything else” Shantanu Narayen

opinion vitalik buterin on ethereum decentralization

“Ethereum tries very hard to be decentralized,” says Creator, Vitalik Buterin

opinion cheetah   and blind locomotion

“Robot to Rely more on Tactile Information,” Sang-bae Kim on Cheetah-3

opinion cryptocurrency marc benioff

Salesforce to enter Blockchain

opinion blockchain for tamper proof data

Cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain is Vulnerable to Attacks, but not “Data”

opinion wedoctor welcomes ai healthcare

WeDoctor for Better and More Convenient Healthcare Treatment – Liao’s Ambition

opinion oracle ai robots jobs

Oracle believes over 90% humans would trust orders from AI robot

opinion warren buffet investment

The Curious Case of Berkshire and Technology

opinion dapps ethereum for smartphones

Dapp in Smartphones by the end of this year, says Holden

opinion amazonions letter to jeff bezos

“We refuse to contribute to tools violating human rights” – Amazonians

opinion dell ai iot future

Michael Dell: “AI is your rocket ship”

opinion apple commits renewable energy

“We’re committed to leaving the world better than we found It,” Tim Cook

opinion microsoft partners ice contract

Microsoft’s “Proud” Partnership with ICE turns “Dismaying”

opinion bill gates against cryptocurrencies

Gates against Cryptocurrencies

opinion californians data privacy law

‘Stop Selling My Information’: A New Right for Californians Funded by Alastair Mactaggart

opinion job cuts ai automation

Automation to cause massive job cuts

opinion tim cook privacy civil rights

“Customer is a Jewel and Privacy a Human Right,” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

opinion larry ellison oracle soar

“A lot of tedious transitions that people once did manually are now automated. If you choose Oracle Soar” Larry Ellison

opinion shut down addictive technology

Technology that is Addictive is No Good: Children’s Commissioner Forewarns Social Media

opinion ai threat jack ma

“Artificial intelligence and big data is a threat to human beings,” Jack Ma

opinion technology creates opportunities sap mcdermott

“Technology Is For All” – Bill McDermott, SAP CEO

opinion elon musk space rocket

"It'll be game-over for all other heavy-lift rockets,” Elon Musk

opinion bitcoin steve wozniak

“Only Bitcoin is Pure Digital Gold,” Steve Wozniak

opinion ai changes everything mark cuban

“I think artificial intelligence is going to change everything, everything, 180 degrees,” Mark Cuban

opinion sheryl sandberg facebook data scandal

“At Facebook, we didn’t see all the risks coming, and we didn’t do enough to stop them,” Sheryl Sandberg

opinion no ai weaponry support google

“Google Will Not Support the Development of AI in Weaponry,” Pichai

the retail war where consumers win

The Retail War where Consumers Win

us nuclear power plant operators face cyber threat

US Nuclear power plant operators face cyber threat

the age of cyber warfare is here and we are not ready for it

The Age of Cyber Warfare is here and we are not ready for it

making a dent in the universe

Making a dent in the Universe

facebook vs snapchat its just business

Facebook VS Snapchat: It’s just Business!

we need a digital geneva convention

We need a Digital Geneva Convention

microsoft the return of the king

Microsoft: The return of the King

ai is the defining technology of our generation

AI is the defining technology of our generation