Huawei Ban: Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Intel join the list

GozNym malware has been taken down

Google issues free replacement for Bluetooth Titan Security Keys

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security san francisco bans facial recognition

San Francisco could be the first city to ban facial recognition

security zombieload patches released

Industry bigwigs rollout patches for ZombieLoad

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security whatsapp discovers vulnerability

WhatsApp discovers vulnerability, asks users to avail update

security binance to revamp security

Binance promises security reforms post $40 million theft

security bitcoins stolen from binance

Hackers rob $41 million worth of Bitcoins from Binance

security fbi seizes deep dot web

Deep Dot Web and dark web index has been taken down

security shape connect cloud security service

Shape Security announces new cloud-based security service

security home security camera at    dollars

New home security camera is surprisingly available at $45

security online campus stores hacked

Hacking group steals card data from online campus stores

security uk laws for iot

UK to introduce new laws to raise security for IoT devices

security americans data warrantless searches increase

Warrantless searches of Americans’ data rose in 2018

security messenger updates revealed unknowingly

The future of Messenger is inadvertently disclosed

security microsoft     new privacy features

Microsoft 365 gets more privacy features

security hackers target european embassies

Hackers target European embassies across the globe

security amazon delivery driver take selfie

Amazon delivery guys are part of facial recognition security

security french government messenger app

French government release a messenger app for its state agents

security mexican embassy documents exposed online

Thousands of sensitive Mexican embassy documents exposed online

security prison tests cellphone jamming

A South Carolina prison tests cellphone jamming

security homeland security enterprise vpn apps

Homeland Security warns about insecure enterprise apps

security us army demonstrates hololens

U.S. Army demos its HoloLens plans

security mit cuts of huawei zte

MIT has severed ties with China’s Huawei and ZTE

security wordpress bug leaked ios tokens

WordPress bug leaked iOS app authentication tokens

security google annual security report

Google releases its annual security report

security care com deletes providers

Providers deleted on Care.com following security reports

security uk report huawei security risk

UK team finds an alarming number of security issues in Huawei

security office deport fake malware report

Fake malware reports land Office Depot with $35M fine

security google commits work us gov

Google assures its ‘commitment to work with the US government’

security firefox lockbox app for android

Mozilla wants Android users to keep passwords safe using Lockbox

security preinstalled android apps risks

Study reveals the risks associated to preinstalled Android apps

security defendry deep science ai tech

Deep Science AI’s tech is what Defendry wanted to publish

security family locator app database exposed

Family Locator app revealed real-time location of users for weeks

security windows   security updates stop

Microsoft will begin forcing Windows 7 users to upgrade to 10

security bug discovered in android

A critical flaw found in Android devices

security sony aibo patrol security feature

Sony Aibo’s Patrol feature is for security and also entertainment

security facebook youtube response nz shooting

New Zealand wants a response from Facebook and YouTube

security australia announces    million

Australia announces $55 million to boost security

security google removes adware infected apps

More than 150M Play Store users downloaded ‘adware-ridden’ apps

security buggy updates automatically uninstalled

Buggy updates get automatically removed from Windows 10 now

security mozilla officially launches firefox send

Transfer files “privately” through Firefox browsers using ‘Send’

security tripoli airport reopens

Libya’s Tripoli Airport reopens after drone sightings

security us arrests cryptocurrency pyramid leader

OneCoin’s leader arrested for cryptocurrency pyramid scheme

security hackers crack iphone with prototype

Stolen Apple prototypes used by hackers to crack iPhones

security nsa phone surveillance shut

NSA may have shut its contentious phone surveillance program

security w c approves webauthn web standard

Say goodbye to passwords as WebAuthn is now the new standard

security vulnerabilities in visitor management system

Researchers uncover visitor management system vulnerabilities

security huawei cfo sues canada government

Huawei CFO sues Canadian government before extradition to the US

security tiktok complies with coppa

TikTok complies with COPPA; minors’ accounts deleted

security thunderbolt makes computer vulnerable

Thunderbolt can make your PCs and Laptops vulnerable

security frontpoint available in military exchanges

Frontpoint’s smart technology will now be available in select military exchanges

security microsoft workers protest

Microsoft workers want the company to drop its U.S Army contract

security apple hires sam jadallah

A failed startup’s CEO joins Apple to build home products

security nest resets passwords fearing breach

Nest resets passwords of users following a suspected breach

security sensenets database exposed

A Surveillance firm in China may be tracking 2.5 million people

security netflix shooter threat lockdown

Shooter’s threat lockdown Netflix in Los Angeles

security hong prisons to go smart

Prisons in Hong Kong testing Smart Technology

security citizen app in baltimore

Citizen app comes to Baltimore

security facebook monitors tracks accounts

Threatening accounts will be monitored and tracked by Facebook

security dji updates geofencing system

Following Gatwick debacle, DJI to upgrade its geofencing system

security elevate security behavior platform

Elevate Security to reward employees for good security habits

security lenovo smartwatch security apps watch x

Lenovo’s cheap smartwatch comes with damageable security features

security nypd writes to waze

The NYPD writes to Waze, asks to stop posting DWI checkpoints

security google unveils adiantum for security

Google grants less-powerful Android devices with security that encryption offers

security chrome extension by google

Google rolled out Chrome extension to protect passwords

security  m cash in atm loophole

Shocking ATM loophole allows withdrawal of $1M

security nest guard gets google assistant

Nest Guard security systems to get a Google Assistant makeover

security san francisco bans facial recognition

San Francisco could be the first city to ban facial recognition

security huawei phones meng wanzhou us china

US files criminal charges against Huawei, seeks extradition of its CFO

security volkswagen closes charging network

Safety concerns force Volkswagen to partially close its charging network

security vulnerable server exposed financial data

A server belonging to ‘bank of converted documents’ exposed financial data

security whatsapp restricts message forwarding

Whatsapp takes up the fight against misinformation

security drones halt newark airport operations

Newark International Airport flutters after drone sightings

security australia defence contracts

Australian Department of Defence gives out three contracts

security secure pro gets updated

Secure Pro gets updated; unlock it in five different ways!

security cranes can be hacked

Construction cranes are surprisingly easy to hack!

security faa proposal for professional drones

FAA's new proposal is a big deal for professional drone pilots

security huawei poland employee sacked

Huawei sacks the detained employee in Poland for spying

security california judge denies privacy obstruction

California feds are ordered not to impede people’s privacy

security government shutdown affects consumer protection

Government Shutdown affects Consumer Protection sites

security coinbase suspends ethereum classic trade

Coinbase temporarily shuts Ethereum Classic trade suspecting foul play

security uk airports anti drone system

Gatwick and Heathrow get anti-drone technology post security scare

security ring smart lighting

Watch over your property with Ring’s Smart Lighting

security drones monitor times square

Drones to monitor New York City’s Times Square

security guardzilla indoor security systems vulnerable

Security flaws in Guardzilla’s security systems revealed – action may be delayed

security spacex launches us military satellite

SpaceX completes its maiden launch for the U.S military

security oneweb offers stake to russia

OneWeb offers a minority stake to Russia to dim security concerns

security walmart patent eavesdrop shoppers workers

A patent to eavesdrop on shoppers and employees for Walmart

security drones close london gatwick airport

Drone menace shuts down London’s Gatwick Airport

security security lapse exposed blind server

A security lapse at Blind revealed users’ account information and complaints

security european companies distance huawei

Many companies around the world are distancing themselves from Huawei

security alexa can on ring alarm

Switch on your Ring alarm with Alexa

security tigera raises    million

Security startup Tigera raises $30 million

security data care act for privacy

The Data Care Act would require companies to “reasonably secure” data

security huawei cfo granted bail

Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou granted bail on certain conditions

security google plus to shut sooner

Google+ to shut down sooner

security huawei cfo bail hearing paused

30 years of imprisonment for Huawei CFO, if found guilty

security nypd acquires drones to monitor

NYPD police officers are now armed with a fleet of drones

security us army contract microsoft hololens

Microsoft has a new contract for HoloLens

security aws security hub launched

AWS Security Hub launched at AWS re:Invent

security google support      eu elections

Google announces support to the EU during parliamentary elections

security facebook appeal against ico fine

Facebook will appeal against the Cambridge Analytica fine calling it “unjustified”

security amazon emails names leaked

Amazon has accepted that there was a leak

security play store has malware apps

Over 500,000 Android users may have downloaded malwares

security instagram tool exposed user passwords

Security bug in a GDPR-compliant tool of Instagram exposed user passwords

security cisco ships unsafe softwares

 Cisco ships softwares with exploit code

security facebook partners with french regulators

French regulators collaborate with Facebook to work on hate speech

security google adds security feature to chrome

Chrome users will shortly get a new security feature

security new privacy bill on consumer data

Mess with consumer data and you could land behind bars

security t  security chip prevents eavesdropping

Apple’s T2 chip disables MacBook’s microphone when the lid is closed

security hive releases home outdoor camera

New Home Outdoor Camera from Hive redefines security designs

security apple removes graykey hack

Apple GrayKey hack is now history with new iOS 12 update

security motiv ring provide online security

The Motiv Ring keeps your online accounts secure

security nypd body camera defect

Body Cameras burst into flames; NYPD affected

security twilio pay for phone payments

Twilio and Stripe announces Twilio Pay for payments over the phone

security simplisafe releases smart doorbell

Smart doorbell with wide-angle camera from SimpliSafe

security facial recognition for checkin at shanghai

Shanghai Airport to do check-ins using Facial Recognition technology

security movie pass company fraud investigation

Another fraud? Movie Pass parent company under investigation

security browsers update security standards

Older TLS standards 1.0 and 1.1 are nearing doomsday

security harris and l  to merge

Harris and L3 are merging

security alipay wechatpay warn apple id

Thieves steal with compromised Apple IDs warn Alipay and WeChat

security chrome    blocks old websites

Google’s upcoming Chrome 70 to block websites with old certifications

security no tampering of apple microchips

Our microchips are fine, Apple tells the Congress

security tesla model s is vulnerable

Tesla Model S can be stolen if you don’t add a PIN

security apple launching portal to cooperate with law

Apple is launching a portal to help out law enforcement officials

security locky smart key overlay

Locky is the ‘simplest’ home security solution, claims the company

security nations urge for backdoor access

Companies should now build backdoors to encrypted devices, says Five Eyes

security latch raises   million funding

Home Security startup Latch raises $70 million

security facebook verifies page security

Facebook introducing stricter regulations to manage its Pages

security android devices found vulnerable

Android’s open-style is making devices vulnerable to attacks, says Kryptowire

security facial recognition at tokyo olympics

Tokyo Olympics 2020 to use Facial Recognition to beef up security

security trustwave new tool social mapper

Trustwave’s new tool for ethical hacking is called Social Mapper

security us army uses microwave cannons

The U.S. Army fights drones mid-air using Microwave Cannons

security xforce labs in four cities

IBM’s X-Force Red is coming to four new locations

security tsmc factories virus affect

TSMC Reports of Virus Outbreak in its Factories

security microsoft edge web authentication

Microsoft Edge Browser is getting Web authentication

security canary ios app silent bodyguard

Canary’s iOS App is Silent Bodyguard with the new “Safety Button”

security high sierra airplay  bug fix

Apple releases macOS 10.13.6 update

security us bans china mobile

China Mobile Will Not Operate in our Country – the US Government

security ring security system sale

Ring’s security system now available to pre-order

security lattice luckey virtual border wall

Lattice: Palmer Luckey’s proposes a New Virtual Border Wall for US-Mexico

security shotspotter gun violence security

ShotSpotter in times of Gun Violence

security one plus   bugs fix

OnePlus 6 needs a Fix

security wyze added panning feature

Wyze adds a new feature to its security camera

security netgear requests customers password change

Netgear wants Arlo customers to set new passwords for security issues

security amazon facial recognition orlando

Amazon’s facial recognition hits the streets of Orlando

security google chrome    is secure

Google triumphs for HTTPS in Chrome 69

security arbor video doorbell

Arbor Video Doorbell is a one-stop package for your home!