Security bug in a GDPR-compliant tool of Instagram exposed user passwords

 Cisco ships softwares with exploit code

French regulators collaborate with Facebook to work on hate speech

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security google adds security feature to chrome

Chrome users will shortly get a new security feature

security new privacy bill on consumer data

Mess with consumer data and you could land behind bars

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security t  security chip prevents eavesdropping

Apple’s T2 chip disables MacBook’s microphone when the lid is closed

security hive releases home outdoor camera

New Home Outdoor Camera from Hive redefines security designs

security apple removes graykey hack

Apple GrayKey hack is now history with new iOS 12 update

security motiv ring provide online security

The Motiv Ring keeps your online accounts secure

security nypd body camera defect

Body Cameras burst into flames; NYPD affected

security twilio pay for phone payments

Twilio and Stripe announces Twilio Pay for payments over the phone

security simplisafe releases smart doorbell

Smart doorbell with wide-angle camera from SimpliSafe

security facial recognition for checkin at shanghai

Shanghai Airport to do check-ins using Facial Recognition technology

security movie pass company fraud investigation

Another fraud? Movie Pass parent company under investigation

security browsers update security standards

Older TLS standards 1.0 and 1.1 are nearing doomsday

security harris and l  to merge

Harris and L3 are merging

security alipay wechatpay warn apple id

Thieves steal with compromised Apple IDs warn Alipay and WeChat

security chrome    blocks old websites

Google’s upcoming Chrome 70 to block websites with old certifications

security no tampering of apple microchips

Our microchips are fine, Apple tells the Congress

security tesla model s is vulnerable

Tesla Model S can be stolen if you don’t add a PIN

security apple launching portal to cooperate with law

Apple is launching a portal to help out law enforcement officials

security locky smart key overlay

Locky is the ‘simplest’ home security solution, claims the company

security nations urge for backdoor access

Companies should now build backdoors to encrypted devices, says Five Eyes

security latch raises   million funding

Home Security startup Latch raises $70 million

security facebook verifies page security

Facebook introducing stricter regulations to manage its Pages

security android devices found vulnerable

Android’s open-style is making devices vulnerable to attacks, says Kryptowire

security facial recognition at tokyo olympics

Tokyo Olympics 2020 to use Facial Recognition to beef up security

security trustwave new tool social mapper

Trustwave’s new tool for ethical hacking is called Social Mapper

security us army uses microwave cannons

The U.S. Army fights drones mid-air using Microwave Cannons

security xforce labs in four cities

IBM’s X-Force Red is coming to four new locations

security tsmc factories virus affect

TSMC Reports of Virus Outbreak in its Factories

security microsoft edge web authentication

Microsoft Edge Browser is getting Web authentication

security canary ios app silent bodyguard

Canary’s iOS App is Silent Bodyguard with the new “Safety Button”

security high sierra airplay  bug fix

Apple releases macOS 10.13.6 update

security us bans china mobile

China Mobile Will Not Operate in our Country – the US Government

security ring security system sale

Ring’s security system now available to pre-order

security lattice luckey virtual border wall

Lattice: Palmer Luckey’s proposes a New Virtual Border Wall for US-Mexico

security shotspotter gun violence security

ShotSpotter in times of Gun Violence

security one plus   bugs fix

OnePlus 6 needs a Fix

security wyze added panning feature

Wyze adds a new feature to its security camera

security netgear requests customers password change

Netgear wants Arlo customers to set new passwords for security issues

security amazon facial recognition orlando

Amazon’s facial recognition hits the streets of Orlando

security google chrome    is secure

Google triumphs for HTTPS in Chrome 69

security arbor video doorbell

Arbor Video Doorbell is a one-stop package for your home!

security google free protection

Google resolves the biggest problem of U.S. Political websites

security arlo  light new features

Arlo Security Light gets added features

security amazon alexa schlage smart locks

Hey Alexa, open the Schlage smart locks!

security facial recognition british police

Facial Recognition gone haywire with the British Police

security lyric c  has highend features

Honeywell’s Lyric C2 comes with premium features

security ios app notifies hacking

Mac users, you can avail this app free of cost!

security evercam is idiosyncratic

EverCam is idiosyncratic!

security amazon key smart entry

Amazon key gets a new feature

security august to associate simplisafe

August Smart Locks and SimpliSafe Security Systems to hook up very soon

security youtube increases security post shooting

YouTube increases security at offices worldwide after shooting

security chatwatch tracks chat activity

Are Whatsapp users safe enough?

security rockingham fire safety solution

Rockingham brings forth a new fire safety solution

security nest rolls out new features

Nest gives you more security with added features

security lifx is smarter now

LIFX is smarter now!

security android oreo essential phone

Android Oreo 8.1 on the Essential Phone

security certis group security solution

Certis Group introduces one-of-a-kind security solution

security amazon cloud cam security stream

Stream Security Footage from Amazon Cloud Cam on your Browser

security august smart doorbell video recording

Get 24 hours of Video Recording from August Smart Doorbells

security companies unite for better cameras

Many firms unite startup Scenera for higher-grade security cameras

security brainchip studio accelerator exhibition

BrainChip will be exhibited at Security and Counter Terrorism Expo

security simplisafe has changed for good

Reformed SimpliSafe’s home security system is convincing!

security amazon buys ring smart doorbell

Smart Doorbell maker – Ring acquired by Amazon

security entersekt partners with equifax

Entersekt is now Equifax’s technology partner

security self driving car technology in lighthouse

You can count on Lighthouse’s 3D security to live a safe life

security nest cloud recording plan

New $5/Month Cloud Recording Plan from Nest

security wyze security camera with echo

Upgraded Wyze Security Cameras for $20 with Amazon Echo support

security cisco released triple cloud play

Cisco rolls out triple cloud play to uplift security services

security sophos new ransomware protection

Sophos brings a new update to ‘The Sophos Home Premium’

security canary camera feed firetv echo

You can watch Canary Camera feed on Echo and Fire TV

security equifax gets new ciso

Equifax appoints its new Chief Information Security Officer

security apple airpods exploded in ears

Apple AirPods explodes in Man’s Ears

security cisco identified vulnerability

Cisco finds a new solution to resolve vulnerability problem

security microsoft removes passwords in windows

The new version of Windows 10 skips passwords

security simplisafe amends its devices

SimpliSafe reforms the DIY home security experience to be more competitive

security netgear security camera arlo

Netgear’s Security Camera Arlo is a Success!

security protect america and august lock

Protect America and August Smart Lock Join Hands for Better Security

security facebook acquired confirm io

Confirm.io, a biometric ID verification startup, is acquired by Facebook

security google chrome removes parental control

No more Parental Control on Google Chrome; Replacement to come soon

intel security for meltdown spectre

Security Update from Intel ‘immunes’ PCs to Meltdown and Spectre bugs

opera protects against cryptocurrency

Opera Bowser will protect you against Cryptocurrency

oneplus   faceid feature

OnePlus 5 to have Face Unlock Feature

whatsapp stops sharing with facebook

Whatsapp Ordered to Stop Sharing info with Facebook

hackers target security of plant

Hackers shut down Plant by targeting its Security

robot sacked for vandalism and threat

Robot sacked for vandalism and threat

samsung palm reading patent

Samsung Galaxy’s Future: Palm Reading Phones

apple faceid is hacked

Hackers Have Already Cracked Open Apple’s Face ID

tmobile nest home security

T-Mobile and Nest team up to keep you safe

amazon alexa home security device

A Home Security Device is the latest offering from Amazon Alexa

twitter bans hate symbols

Twitter bans groups encouraging Violence and Hate Symbols

krack wifi flaw recovery

Apple and Google assures to find remedies to fix Krack Wi-Fi flaw

google homemini

Beware the Google Home Mini; it records Everything

ring protect home security

Ring launches Protect for a complete home security solution

china blocks whatsapp

WhatsApp is off in China

pirate bay hijacked users cpu to mine cryptocurrency

Pirate bay hijacked users CPU to mine cryptocurrency

samsung launches a bug bounty program for smartphones

Samsung launches a bug bounty program for smartphones

cashshield a startup to prevent credit card fraud raises     million

CashShield, a startup to prevent credit card fraud, raises $5.5 million

a trove of sensitive us voter records has been leaked again

A trove of sensitive US voter records has been leaked, again!

bye bye fingers and hello faces is the new way to unlock iphone x

Bye-Bye Fingers and Hello Faces is the new way to unlock iPhone X

cryptocurrencies crash after months of unstinted growth

Cryptocurrencies crash after months of unstinted growth

accuweather in soup for sending user location data to third party firm

AccuWeather in soup for sending user location data to third party firm

apple to patch bug that let a     password cracking box open up iphones with ios    update

Apple to patch ‘bug’ that let a $500 password cracking box open up iPhones with iOS 11 update

microsoft renews windows bounty program with rewards up to

Microsoft renews Windows Bounty Program with rewards up to $250,000

logitech offers security with circle

Logitech offers Security with Circle 2

tamper proof cryptographic keys are here courtesy ibm

Tamper-proof Cryptographic keys are here; courtesy IBM

d id protects your privacy

D-ID Protects your Privacy

luma guardian ups your security

Luma Guardian ups your security

facebook fights fake news

Facebook fights Fake News

google increases security against unverified apps

Google increases Security against unverified apps

apple fulfills chinese cyber security law builds data center

Apple fulfills Chinese Cyber Security law; Builds Data Center

cisco ups its security acquires observable networks

Cisco ups its Security; Acquires Observable Networks

cujo to the rescue

CUJO to the rescue!

the shadow brokers launch subscription service to deliver more hacking tools

The Shadow Brokers launch subscription service to deliver more hacking tools

fake wannacry patches on the rise

Fake Wannacry patches on the rise

trace the model of any car within a fraction of a second

Trace the model of any car within a fraction of a second

wannacry attackers terrorizes to release more hacking tools

WannaCry Attackers Terrorizes to Release More Hacking Tools

microsoft to acquire hexadite amid cloudyn negotiations

Microsoft to acquire Hexadite amid Cloudyn negotiations

karamba security raises    million to keep hackers out of cars

Karamba Security raises 12 Million to keep hackers out of cars

watch out your hp computer may be recording your key strokes

Watch out! Your HP computer may be recording your key strokes

fix security issues before they occur with bmcs new secops service

Fix security issues before they occur with BMC's new SecOps service

waymo wants the court to hold back uber from developing its self driving vehicles

Waymo wants the court to hold back Uber from developing its self-driving vehicles

youtube brings back videos to restricted mode

YouTube brings back videos to Restricted Mode

here comes good news for chrome users google is creating a new ad blocker for chrome

Here comes good news for chrome users, Google is creating a new ad blocker for chrome

tough time for cisco issues warning for its customers after vulnerability in cisco ios and ios xe was confirmed

Tough time for Cisco: Issues warning for its customers after “vulnerability” in Cisco IOS and IOS XE was confirmed.

android tvs susceptible to malware

Android TVs susceptible to malware

hackers exploiting corporate antivirus programs

Hackers exploiting Corporate Antivirus programs

browsers to stop supporting sha   ssl certificates

Browsers to stop supporting SHA-1 SSL Certificates

sonictouch an advanced ultrasound biometric security by sonavation

“SonicTouch” An advanced Ultrasound Biometric Security by Sonavation

microsoft enables potential unwanted software detection for enterprise customers

Microsoft enables potential unwanted software detection for enterprise customers

lets encrypt enters public beta

Let’s Encrypt enters Public Beta

keep your cloud data secure and out of us reach with deutsche telekom

Keep your Cloud Data secure and out of US reach with Deutsche Telekom

bittorrent users face security threat from vpn bug

BitTorrent users face security threat from VPN Bug

microsoft introduces an opt in defense for enterprises to block adware

Microsoft introduces an opt-in defense for Enterprises to block Adware

microsoft helps dell to remove flaw security certificate

Microsoft helps Dell to remove flaw Security Certificate

dridex botnet targets the us uk and france

Dridex Botnet targets the U.S, U.K and France

meet dojo the cyber security guard for smart homes

Meet “Dojo”, the Cyber security guard for Smart homes

complex malware hits us retailers

Complex Malware hits US Retailers

intel released security threat predictions of

Intel released security threat predictions of 2016

new dell partnership threatens traditional antivirus programs

New Dell partnership threatens traditional Antivirus programs

bitlocker sees threat in trivial windows authentication bypass

BitLocker sees threat in Trivial Windows Authentication Bypass

yahoo revamps email app

Yahoo Revamps Email App

cyberdome the cyber crime fighter

CyberDome: The Cyber Crime Fighter